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Star Wars Old Republic

TOP GUN VIDEO GAMERS presents Battlefield 3

Score: 9.0
Xenoblade Chronicles [WII]
Xenoblade is a brilliant RPG that is very well developed.
Editor Choice
Score: 3.5
Tales of the Abyss [3DS]
I Wanna Take You For a (Broken, Cheap, Spam
Score: 7.5
Inspector Parker [PC]
It's like Minesweeper and Clue had a baby named Inspector Parker.
Score: 7.5
PureSim Baseball 2004 [PC]
Could have been great.
Score: 7.5
Battlefield 2: Armored Fury [PC]
Another good expansion pack to Battlefield 2, but this expansion has less c
Score: 9.5
Gitaroo Man [PS2]
This game was soild as rock , Great music to listen and its really a challe
Editor Choice

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