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Star Wars Old Republic

Title Platform
Magical Starsign
Magical Vacation has you adventuring through outer space to rescue your teacher and classmates while exploring strange planets. The game is controlled fully by the stylus, and features up to 6 players via WiFi.
Medal of Honor Heroes
a PSP exclusive version of the WWII action series, with a unique storyline and up to 8 players over the ad hoc wireless network.
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
the newest title in the long-running Flight Simulator series and is due out late 2006.
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
features more than 60 playable characters spanning MK's history of games, plus a new Create a Kombatant system for making your own fighter.
Mercury Meltdown
the sequel to Awesome Studio's Mercury and features a new graphic style, 160 new levels and supports Wi-Fi multiplayer game modes.
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of th
Mario and Donkey Kong face off once again in this sequel to Mario vs. Donkey Kong.
Mega Man ZX
returns to the original 2D side scrolling action, with a new cast of characters and a choice of heroes.
MechAssault: Phantom War
MechAssault goes portable in Phantom War for the DS, with wireless multiplayer support.
Mario Hoops 3 on 3
a basketball game featuring Mario and a familiar cast of Nintendo characters.
Madden NFL 07
Madden returns for the 2007 season.
Monster House
based on the Columbia Pictures film of the same name.
Miami Vice: The Game
This third-person action game is based on the 2006 movie which is based on the '80s TV show of the same name.
MTX Mototrax
Push your bike's power to the limit as you battle for 1st place in .
MotoGP 4
Get ready for new circuits, modes, and riders in this installment in the MotoGP series. This time, you can play online in head-to-head racing modes.
MotoGP '06
Climax is bringing its MotoGP series to the Xbox 360.
a conversion of the 1998 arcade puzzle game Puzz Loop, with added touch screen support.
Major League Baseball 2K6
offers new features and an exclusive MLB license for this season.
Me & My Katamari
Me and My Katamari for PSP features four-player wireless play, customization options such as new masks and headgear, as well as new interface options.
Metal Gear Acid 2
the sequel to Konami's card-battling game for the PSP.
Metroid Prime: Hunters
Based on Retro's update of the Metroid series, takes place from a first-person perspective and allows multiplayer via the DS wireless connection.

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