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Star Wars Old Republic

Title Platform
Automobili Lamborghini
strips racing down to its most essential element: speed.
Hoyle Board Games
It proves just how enduring and intriguing some classic strategy and board games can be, though it most probably won't be as satisfying to old hands.
Steel Beasts
combines both simulation and wargaming elements to produce a superb gaming experience.
NASCAR Legends
the only game for nostalgic NASCAR fans to turn to.
Tekken Advance
The end product looks and feels enough like the original game to succeed.
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Hitman 2 fixes virtually all of the problems of its predecessor and stands tall on its own merits as an outstanding action game.
Fighters Destiny
It isn't perfect, but it still blows away the competition by a long shot.
Need for Speed: V-Rally 2
With an arcade mode for casual rally fans, a downright hard-core mode for the true rally fans, and everything in between, V-Rally 2 is the premiere PlayStation rally game.
Air Warrior III
The fact that built as an online game is apparent as soon as you jump into the cockpit.
Vigilante 8
was one of the most celebrated car combat games on the PlayStation, and I'm pleased to say that with new multiplayer options and improved graphics the N64 version is even better.
Air Warrior II
A worthwhile investment if you're a fan of WWI or WWII flight and fight sims.
Medal of Honor Frontline
The game's level and mission design are extremely well done and provide an ample amount of different activities, keeping the gameplay fresh from start to finish.
NBA Live 2003
There aren't too many other basketball games on the PC to choose from, but any fan of the sport should give a try.
Dead to Rights
If you've ever wondered what it might feel like to be the lone action hero up against a ridiculous number of enemies, this game is about as close as you'll get.
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX
Its graphics are nearly as impressive today as they were nearly 10 years ago, and the gameplay is nearly as exciting.
Battleground 4: Shiloh
A superior entry in the crowded Civil War gaming market.
Klonoa: Empire of Dreams
It is a highly respectable emulation of the general feel of the Klonoa universe.
BCT Commander
in many ways delivers exactly what it claims to--it's a rigorous, realistic simulation of what it's like to command a brigade of combined-arms troops in modern warfare.
Dr. Mario 64
Dr. Mario is a legitimate and satisfying puzzle game that is executed rather nicely in this four-player-focused package.
NFL Blitz 20-02
NFL Blitz 2002 is the best arcade-style football game on the home market.

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