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MassEffect 3

Title Platform
With its arcade-game aesthetic and its short-burst friendliness, looks great and plays even better.
Nano Kid
strikes the perilous balance between homage and over-derivation very well.
Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams
High expectations aside, you're still left with a sturdy game, whichever system you end up playing it on.
Cannon Fodder (Kuju Entertainment)
It doesn't quite match up to the original version, but it's still an excellent mobile action game.
Downtown Video Slots
If you like slots, this is your game.
Word Nerd
Whether you've got 30 seconds or a few minutes to play, an excellent distraction.
Spy Hunter
falls short of perfection, but is one of the best games in recent memory and a blast to play alone or with friends.
MVP Baseball 2005
offers more features that let you take control of your favorite major league baseball team both on and off the field. The game highlights its new Hitter's Eye controls, which give you more control of your swing, movement in the batter's bo..
RalliSport Challenge
This is easily the best driving game currently available for the Xbox, and no Xbox owner should be caught without it.
Bomberman Tournament
easily the best Bomberman to hit these shores since Saturn Bomberman in 1997.
The Italian Job
Although doesn't have much longevity, its madcap subject matter, good presentation, and friendly control scheme will appeal to many people.
Pac-Man: Adventures in Time
Adventures in Time is an attempt to bring Pac-Man back to his roots, but with surprisingly solid 3D graphics, good level design, and a few new gameplay features.
Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo-Man is arguably the most original and inventive rhythm game since the advent of Dance Dance Revolution or the original Parappa the Rapper, and it's easily one of the best rhythm games for the PlayStation 2.
In the end, a deeper, more refined version of the original game.
Tomb Raider Chronicles
a worthy enough "sequel" to the original and can deliver an adequate number of thrills, though nothing unique or surprising.
Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
a booster pack for Battlefield 2, adding new maps and new vehicle classes.
There is no real reason why RPG fans shouldn't go for this one; it's a genuinely satisfying experience, even if it is a bit textbook in execution and scope.

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