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MassEffect 3

Title Platform
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
San Andreas definitely lives up to the Grand Theft Auto name. In fact, it's arguably the best game in the series.
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The fourth chapter in the Elder Scrolls series takes the game to new levels with gameplay and graphical enhancements, and features over 200 hours of play time.
the best game to come out in the past year, and you should own a copy. Period.
Grand Theft Auto III
is, quite simply, an incredible experience that shouldn't be missed by anyone mature enough to handle it.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
provides just about everything you'd want in a follow-up to an outstanding game.
Resident Evil 4
marks a new chapter in the Resident Evil series. You'll rejoin Leon S. Kennedy six years after his first mission as a rookie cop from Resident Evil 2.
Gears of War
a tactical sci-fi shooter from Epic Games. As war hero Marcus Fenix, you'll fight your way through an army of enemy creatures known as the Locust Horde.
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
It boils down to this: You need to play Metal Gear Solid 2.
Vagrant Story
While a fairly short game, the depth and density of the story and gameplay contained in give it an intensity missing from most longer games.
The challenging breadth of the adventure, the richly detailed graphics, varied gameplay, killer sound, and multiplayer mode all fuse into one amazingly fun experience.
Grand Theft Auto Double Pack
If you're an Xbox owner who either hasn't played these games or is looking to play them again, the Xbox versions of GTAIII and Vice City are the best ones available.
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Anyone craving an amazing 2D adventure--not just Symphony of the Night fans--would be absolutely foolish to pass on this one.
Tekken Tag Tournament
If you've stayed away from the Tekken series for a long time, Tekken Tag is a very warm homecoming, delivering the same solid gameplay that Tekken fans crave in large doses.
Dragon Warrior I & II
Dragon Warrior may seem like just an appetizer for the full-featured RPG experience in Dragon Warrior II, but the ability to play both games in succession and witness the interaction of their storylines greatly enhances the satisfaction gleaned from ..
Test Drive Le Mans
If you're a racing game fan, you really owe it to yourself to give Le Mans a try.
If you're a fan of NFL football, then you owe it to yourself to pick up .
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Any Xbox owner who doesn't already own another version of the game would be crazy to not pick this one up.
Visual Concepts has tweaked and buffed out the annoying gameplay traits that plagued its original hoops game, and the result is a highly polished product.
Dark Souls
will take you into a dark world filled with despair, where you must use your creativity to strategize, learn, and overcome unpredictable and unique challenges to determine your fate. Live through a million deaths and earn your legacy.
Halo: Reach
A prequel to the original Halo, follows a SPARTAN squad as they fight the Covenant on a besieged fortress world.

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