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Rare Cleans Up Perfect Dark

"Rare talks of how the Game Boy Camera feature was removed from Perfect Dark to avoid controversy."

On its web site today, Rare revealed the real reason why the anticipated "face mapping" feature in Perfect Dark was cancelled:

"The game, developed over the last two-and-a-half years, has evolved into such an outstanding product that in order to avoid any controversy during the game's release, as of 03-02-00 (February 3, 2000) the fully operational Game Boy Camera feature within Perfect Dark has been removed from the software."

Previously, Nintendo's Ken Lobb told members of the press that the feature was removed for "technical difficulties." However, this confirms what many people had thought, that Rare removed the feature on moral grounds. Using the Game Boy Camera in conjunction with the Transfer Pak, players would have been able to map anyone's face on to characters. In light of the recent shootings in American schools, it seemed appropriate to remove a feature that would have let players shoot virtual representations of friends, teachers, or even celebrities.

Posted on Feb 10, 2000



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