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Nintendo Denies Metroid 64?

"TOKYO - Gamers' reaction to Metroid 64 rumor gives Nintendo ideas"

TOKYO - In the latest issue of Famitsu, the magazine took some time out to hunt down information directly from the developers of some of the hottest upcoming console games. One interesting portion of the article was in response to a recent story that appeared on the Internet about a Metroid sequel confirmed for the Nintendo 64.

Famitsu asked, "On the Internet, a web site reported that Miyamoto-san said that Nintendo is developing Metroid 64. Is that true?"

A Nintendo spokesperson replied, "That was completely a false report. Miyamoto only said that Metorid is quite popular in America. We were very surprised about the giant reaction to the report - especially in America. So now we are entertaining the idea of developing a new Metroid."

Posted on May 06, 1999



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