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Torchlight studio opposes SOPA

"Runic Games joins Epic Games and Riot Games in openly denouncing controversial Stop Online Piracy Act."

The list of gaming companies that are against the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is growing. Today, Torchlight developer Runic Games went on record stating it joins Epic Games and Riot Games in standing against SOPA, as well as the Protect IP Act (PIPA).

SOPA is the big bad guy, according to Runic Games.

SOPA is the big bad guy, according to Runic Games.

Writing on its official forums, Runic Games said, "It is clear that the scope of the proposed legislation would give unnecessarily broad power to large corporations while reducing the rights of individual citizens--and it won't even stop software piracy. We at Runic Games oppose the SOPA/PIPA legislation and we encourage you to do the same."

Not all gaming entities are against SOPA. The Entertainment Software Association--the game industry's representative body--has pledged its support for SOPA. According to the ESA, the game industry requires effective protection against the illegal acquisition of games and those who facilitate it.

Companies that support the bill--including the National Football League and GameSpot parent company CBS--argue that it offers necessary protection to content creators. Opponents of the bill, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, argue that SOPA infringes upon First Amendment rights and will ultimately deprive the Internet of non-infringing content.

Posted on Jan 12, 2012



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