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Title Platform Date
Asia Shippin' Out Dec. 11-17: GTA III, Gears of War
iOS version of classic sandbox title, new DLC for third Gears of War game, and stunt-performing racer are highlights for the week.
X360 13 Dec 2011
Asia Shippin' Out Nov. 20-26: WWE '12, Rayman O
Pro wrestling, limbless escapades, and old-school FPS gunslinging dominate the shelves this week.
WII 21 Nov 2011
AU Shippin' Out Nov. 21-24: Skyward Sword
Nintendo is out in force this week, with Zelda and Mario leading the charge.
WII 20 Nov 2011
AU Shippin' Out: Nov 14-18: AC: Revelations
It's a big week for releases with Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Saints Row: The Third, and more coming out in the space of just a few days.
PC 13 Nov 2011
AU Shippin' Out Nov. 7-11: Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 goes head-to-head against The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim this week Down Under.
3DS 06 Nov 2011
Asia Shippin' Out October 23-29: Battlefield 3
EA's contribution to digital modern warfare, a new portable Final Fantasy title, and a vampire add-on are highlights for the week.
PC 24 Oct 2011
Arkham City swoops to UK number one
Fourth biggest launch of the year sees Batman: Arkham City top the UK Charts, Football Manager 2012 debuts in third; Dance Central 2 debuts at 40.
PC 24 Oct 2011
AU Shippin' Out Oct 24-28: Battlefield 3
After countless trade shows and an extensive beta test, it's finally time for EA to release Battlefield 3.
X360 24 Oct 2011
Asia Shippin' Out Oct. 16-22: Batman: Arkham City
Sequel to Arkham Asylum video game, new Spyro title, and four-player Rachet & Clank title highlights of this week.
X360 17 Oct 2011
Asia Shippin' Out Oct. 9-15: Forza 4, Ace Combat: As
Race on the roads or fly through the skies with this week's new releases.
X360 11 Oct 2011
Asia Shippin' Out: Dark Souls, Rage
Highlights of this week's releases include From Software's latest hardcore RPG, id Software's newest shooter, and a new NBA title.
PC 03 Oct 2011
AU Shippin' Out Sept 20-23: Gears of War 3
Can Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad battle it out against near-impossible odds this week in the final instalment in the Gears trilogy?
PC 20 Sep 2011
Amnesia designer: removing combat opens up 'new hori
GDC Europe 2011: Frictional Games co-founder Thomas Grip on why Amnesia: The Dark Descent is scary and how trial-and-error play undermines emotional experiences.
PC 15 Aug 2011
Asia Shippin' Out August 7-13: Fruit Ninja Kinect
Fruit slicing, kid spies, and detective work await gamers this week.
PC 08 Aug 2011
Aliens: Infestation contaminating DS this September
Side-scrolling action game set in the Alien universe in development at WayForward.
DS 20 Jul 2011
Asia Shippin' Out July 17-23: Call of Juarez: The Ca
Modern Wild West shooting, dynamic narrative questing, and another postapocalyptic expansion fill up retail shelves this week.
PC 17 Jul 2011
Asia Shippin' Out June 19-25: F.E.A.R 3
Paranormal activities, an old adventure remastered, and a Suda 51 trip will be on shelves this week.
X360 20 Jun 2011
AU Shippin' Out June 20-June 24: Shadows of the Damn
Get crazy this week with some psychological thriller action from Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami's Grasshopper Manufacture.
X360 19 Jun 2011
Avalanche falling on New York
Just Cause developer setting up new, AAA-focused shop in Big Apple; original project for next-gen platforms due in 2014.
X360 15 Jun 2011
Asia Shippin' Out May 15-21: L.A. Noire
Adventure and role-playing take centre stage in this week's releases all over Asia.
PC 17 May 2011

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