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Battlefield 3

Title Platform Date
Capcom localizing Japanese indie slate
Publisher signs with Nyu Media to bring PC projects to Western markets, beginning with Astro Port's Satazius on December 20.
PC 09 Dec 2011
Capsized righted on XBLA in December
IndiePub bringing Alientrap's 2D action platformer to Xbox 360 download hub this winter for $10; Koolhaus Games handling development.
PC 06 Oct 2011
Cursed Crusade delayed again
Atlus pushes medieval action game back to October 25 debut; Kylotonn-developed title to be available on disc for Xbox 360, PS3, downloadable on PC.
X360 28 Sep 2011
Crysis firing up XBLA, PSN October 4
Former PC-exclusive Crysis' console release date revealed; $20 price point confirmed.
X360 26 Sep 2011
Creating a AAA Indie Game
Comic-Con 2011: A panel of indie developers discuss what it takes to break into the industry on their own.
PS3 21 Jul 2011
Cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset headed to PC
First game from Polish startup Flying Wild Hog due in stores this September.
PC 13 Jul 2011
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair tunes in on PS3
Konami's multiplayer-focused installment of the Dracula-Belmont feud confirmed for downloadable release on PSN this summer.
X360 07 Jul 2011
Capcom offers game sales projections
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Street Fighter X Tekken expected to top 2M, Dragon's Dogma at 1.5M, Dead Rising 2: OTR called at 800K.
X360 10 May 2011
Catherine arriving July 26
All preorders of Atlus adventure puzzle game to include art book and soundtrack; Deluxe Edition packs in polka-dot boxers, T-shirt, sexy pillowcase for an extra $20.
X360 02 May 2011
Cave Story for 3DS delayed to August 9
Nippon Ichi pushes stereoscopic spelunking game back a month and change; European release set for September.
3DS 29 Apr 2011
Catherine coming to North America
Atlus localizing Japanese horror adventure game for release on Xbox 360, PS3 this summer.
PS3 01 Mar 2011
Creating the Humble Indie Bundle
GDC 2011: Organizers of the charitable pay-what-you-want collection of computer games talk about putting it all together, from getting developers on board to dealing with pirates.
PC 28 Feb 2011
Cave Story 3D spelunking 3DS
Nippon Ichi to publish Nicalis' stereoscopic revamp of indie side-scrolling platformer this summer.
3DS 10 Feb 2011
Capcom copied Splosion Man - Twisted Pixel dev
Studio derides Capcom Mobile's MaXplosion iOS game as "cheap imitation," programmer says it outright steals design from 2009 Summer of Arcade standout.
X360 12 Jan 2011
Child of Eden ending to be user-generated
Ubisoft announces that finale of Q Entertainment's upcoming rhythm game will culminate with montage of player-submitted images.
PS3 28 Sep 2010
Capcom breaches Blue Castle Games
Japanese publisher buys Canadian developer of Dead Rising 2; studio to be renamed Capcom Games Studio Vancouver.
X360 15 Sep 2010
Castle Crashers storming PSN August 31
The Behemoth's beat-'em-up downloadable game hits Sony's virtual storefront in two weeks.
PS3 19 Aug 2010
Call of Duty: Black Ops gets Hardened, Prestige editions
Treyarch's upcoming shooter getting $80 and $150 top-tier versions; latter includes fully operable, video-enabled RC car.
DS 12 Aug 2010
Crysis 2 delayed, Need for Speed Shift 2 announced
[UPDATE]: Electronic Arts reveals Crytek shooter and previously unheard of racing sequel both set for launch in first quarter of 2011; Dead Space 2 also listed for handheld and mobile devices.
PS3 03 Aug 2010
Call of Duty franchise map packs recruit 20 million
Infinity Ward-, Treyarch-developed installments in Activision's shooter series surpass double-decamillion milestone in lifetime-to-date sales.
DS 02 Aug 2010

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