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Title Platform Date
Fallout: New Vegas bets on Ultimate Edition
Comprehensive version of Obsidian Entertainment's postapocalyptic RPG to include all downloadable add-ons, set for release in February.
PC 03 Nov 2011
Forza 4 Storms UK Charts
FIFA 12 booted from top spot after most successful Xbox 360 racing game launch in UK history; Just Dance 3 debuts in third.
X360 18 Oct 2011
Fuudo and Box Viscant winners of Evolution 2011
Renowned Virtua Fighter 5 player wins Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition tournament, Jay Snyder wins Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
X360 01 Aug 2011
From Dust settles on PC July 27
PC version of Eric Chahi's downloadable god game arrives alongside Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade counterpart.
PC 07 Jul 2011
FIFA 12 kicking off September 27
EA Sports takes to the pitch later this year with PC version on par with 360, PS3 game; worldwide release set for Sept. 30.
X360 22 Jun 2011
Fable III dev says used sales more problematic than pirac
Lionhead lead combat designer Mike West sounds off on industry hot topics, says any sales of Fable III for PC a "bonus."
X360 18 May 2011
Fable III PC not a 'half-done port' - Report
Lionhead sounds off on upcoming Windows version of action role-playing game; title due out May 17.
X360 15 Apr 2011
Final Fantasy IV recounted on PSP April 19
Complete Collection of Square Enix role-playing game includes original Super Nintendo saga with visual overhaul in addition to The After Years episodic Wii epilogue.
PSP 01 Feb 2011
Flight Control maker buys Puzzle Quest studio
Firemint acquires Infinite Interactive for undisclosed amount; Infinite staff to continue work on unnamed title.
X360 04 Jan 2011
Forbes lists Gabe Newell as a 'name you need to know
Financial magazine's crowd-sourced list of candidates to make massive impacts in next year features Valve CEO in recognition of Steam's hold on PC digital distribution.
X360 15 Nov 2010
From Dust set for March launch
Gamescom 2010: Ubisoft reveals new name for Project Dust, puts release window on downloadable god game for 360, PS3, PC.
X360 19 Aug 2010
F.E.A.R. 3 now spooking 2011
Warner Bros. confirms Day 1's survival-horror shooter will now arrive for 360, PS3, PC next year.
PC 16 Aug 2010
Football Manager heads Online in Asia
Sports Interactive is to launch into Asia with a new MMOG, the firm confirmed today.
PC 29 Jul 2010
Fight Night Champion answers the bell
EA boxing sim series returns to the ring next year for Xbox 360 and PS3 with a "grittier" take on the sport; EA Canada studio handling development.
X360 20 Jul 2010
Fable III revolution begins October 26
E3 2010: Third installment in Lionhead Studios' action role-playing game franchise dated at Microsoft's E3 conference.
PC 14 Jun 2010
FIFA 11 kicking off this autumn
New Personality+ system maps players' real-life skills to the virtual pitch, while a new Pro Passing system determines pass accuracy directly from a gamer's ability on the controls.
X360 09 Jun 2010
Final Fantasy Heroes of Light battling to DS
Square Enix announces new "back to the basics" Final Fantasy game for Nintendo's handheld, due October 5.
DS 27 May 2010
Fable III PC launch confirmed
Non-Xbox 360 players will be able to venture to Albion this Christmas after all; limited edition detailed.
PC 21 May 2010
Frogger hops on DSiWare bandwagon
Nintendo Store Update: Konami's latest amphibian revamp highlights a busy week as Bit.Trip Runner sprints to WiiWare and Kirby Super Star shines on Virtual Console.
WII 17 May 2010
F.E.A.R. 3 spooking 360, PS3, PC this fall
Warner Bros. announces third installment in first-person shooter series; will feature all-new co-op mode; horror-film veteran John Carpenter advising, Day 1 developing.
PC 08 Apr 2010

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