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Batman Arkham City

Title Platform Date
Orcs Must Die! ambushes XBLA October 5
Action game to be out on PC and Mac via Steam on October 12.
PC 22 Sep 2011
Ocarina of Time 3D dated, Wii Play: Motion revealed
Nintendo will ship 3DS remake of Legend of Zelda classic on June 19; new bundle to feature Wii Remote Plus, all-new minigame compilation; full spring schedule inside.
3DS 12 Apr 2011
Outland set for late April/early May
Housemarque-developed light-and-dark action game gets narrowed release window for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
PS3 17 Mar 2011
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee HD in development
Series creator Lorne Lanning reveals original title getting updated rerelease; Stranger's Wrath Xbox Live Arcade launch in limbo.
PS 31 Jan 2011
Oddworld compilation hits PCs this month
Oddboxx marks multiplatform debut for series' Xbox-exclusive Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath; four-game collection being released on Steam with unspecified enhancements.
PC 07 Dec 2010
Only 6% of consumers buy console DLC - NPD
Industry-research group finds small minority download premium content via Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii over three-month period; 15 percent got content online via PC or Mac.
PC 28 Sep 2010
Oddworld set to be reinhabited
Just Add Water announces multiple projects set in the Oddworld universe for a variety of platforms.
PC 15 Jul 2010
OnLive woos free Founding Members, launch lineup detailed
E3 2010: On-demand game-streaming service offering chance to get first year on the house; 23 titles slated for June 17 launch; Japanese pubs sign on.
PC 15 Jun 2010
Okami DS producer takes the TGS stage
TGS 2009: Motohide Eshiro outlines Okami's handheld sequel and reveals the secret of Chibiterasu's identity.
DS 26 Sep 2009
Order of War deploys Sept. 22
Square Enix and's large-scale WWII-based RTS arrives for PC later this month.
PC 03 Sep 2009
Okami pounces onto DS in Japan
Famitsu reveals first details on portable installment of Clover Studios' swan song, due in island nation next year; all-new adventure, stylus controls.
DS 01 Sep 2009
Obsidian, Sega confirm Aliens RPG 'no longer in deve
Developer breaks silence, confirms all work has ceased on sci-fi film-inspired role-playing project; publisher says there are "no plans to move forward" with the game.
X360 26 Jun 2009
Overlord II reclaiming consoles, PCs in June
Codemasters' evil minion-based RPG franchise coming back to UK June 26; heading stateside June 23.
PC 30 Apr 2009
OutRun Online Arcade revving up for release
Sumo Digital's downloadable take on Sega racing franchise arrives on Xbox 360 next week for 800 Microsoft points; PS3 edition arriving in Europe.
X360 09 Apr 2009
Oz Classification Board: Contextual drug use ok in Assass
Aussie ratings board clarifies its position on drug use in Velvet Assassin; says historical and medical context justifies in-game use of morphine.
PC 10 Mar 2009
OutRun racing onto 360, PS3
Sumo Digital-developed Online Arcade iteration of Sega's famed Ferrari franchise exclusive to Xbox in the US; release set for early 2009.
X360 18 Dec 2008
Obama campaigns in Burnout, 17 other games
[UPDATE 3] Burnout players in 10 states will be racing past in-game ads for the presidential candidate from Illinois all month long; AP reports spots also appearing in Madden, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, and..
X360 14 Oct 2008
Overlord trifecta rises in 2009
Codemasters prepping 360, PS3, PC sequel, Wii prequel, and DS spin-off that continue last year's minion-mastering action adventure.
PC 14 Aug 2008
Original Bionic Commando officially Rearmed
Capcom preps remake of NES classic for download on 360, PS3, and PC this summer; next-gen sequel due later this year.
PS3 18 Jan 2008
Omega Five blasting off January 9
Hudson Entertainment's side-scrolling shooter gets a launch date for Xbox Live Arcade.
X360 03 Jan 2008

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