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Title Platform Date
PlayStation 2 turns nine
Sony says once-dominant workhorse "shows no signs of slowing down" as it celebrates milestone, touts hardware's catalog of 10,000 games and 140 million installed base.
PS2 28 Oct 2009
PSP Go launch adds 100+ games to PSN
New handheld's debut accompanied by first PSP Minis, debuts of PixelJunk Monsters, Thexder Neo, sales on Puzzle Quest, Prinny, and more; full list and price breakdown inside.
PSP 01 Oct 2009
PS3 motion controller games named; PSP Go gets accessoris
TGS 2009: Sony reveals new and existing first-party games that will use its motion sensing technology next spring, including a PS3 Ape Escape and Echochrome 2.
PS3 24 Sep 2009
Peter Moore talks Dreamcast 10 years later
Q&A: EA Sports president and former Sega of America head details the triumphs and failures of third-party publisher's hardware swan song.
DC 09 Sep 2009
Pokemon Platinum sells 5.7M, sequels due spring 2010
Nintendo's latest monster-catching RPG goes quintuple platinum, Pokemon HeartGold, SoulSilver headed to DS and DSi next year.
DS 14 Aug 2009
Peter Moore: Future of EA franchises is free-to-play
Microtransactions to fund the future of FIFA, Tiger Woods, and others as publisher aims to become "the world's leading sports entertainment brand."
X360 14 Aug 2009
Panzer General blitzes XBLA
Ubisoft merges card games and board games for new take on an old series with Petroglyph-developed Allied Assault.
X360 13 Aug 2009
PSN update sees rush of PSP games
Brothers in Arms, TMNT, Chessmaster, Driver '76 go downloadable for Sony's handheld; other additions include PS3 Droplitz and original PlayStation Mobile Light Force.
PS3 25 Jun 2009
Patrick Kane checks NHL 10 cover
Chicago Blackhawks wunderkind gracing follow-up to EA Sports' award-winning hockey game, due out on PS3, 360 in September.
X360 22 Jun 2009
Perfect Dark targeting XBLA
E3 2009: Nintendo 64 classic from Microsoft's Rare studio heads to Xbox Live this winter with 1080p resolution.
X360 02 Jun 2009
PS3 motion controller revealed, God of War III due in Mar
[UPDATE] E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIV due in 2010; Gran Turismo PSP and $249.99 PSP Go coming Oct. 1; Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Team Ico's The Last Guardian, and Rockstar's PS3-exclus..
PSP 02 Jun 2009
Pearl Jam Rock Band project due next year
MTV Games and Seattle grunge metal troupe open up voting fan-selected live edition of Harmonix's rhythm game.
X360 11 May 2009
PSP gets first DLC-only Capcom game
Japanese publisher will digitally distribute Fate/Unlimited Codes to gamers directly to PSPs--or via the portable's PC store--this summer for $29.99.
PSP 28 Apr 2009
Peter Moore reveals EA Sports gameplan
MI6 2009: Executive explains overhaul of Madden division to fit changing industry landscape, reveals 311 percent increase in online play.
X360 08 Apr 2009
PS3 becomes Infamous in June
Sucker Punch's superpower action game will arrive exclusively for Sony's console this summer; demo en route.
PS3 06 Mar 2009
PopCap Arcade Vol. 2 opens on XBLA March 31
Peggle, Feeding Frenzy 2, Heavy Weapon headline second installment in casual game company's compilation later this month.
DS 03 Mar 2009
Punch-Out enters ring May 18
Nintendo updates Wii and DS release lists, tagging dates to boxing revamp and New Play Control line; Excitebots, Legendary Starfy announced.
DS 26 Feb 2009
Punch-Out Wii due by July, Madworld March 10
Nintendo offers brief release update for a handful of Wii, DS titles; DSi due by summer.
WII 30 Jan 2009
Pikmin, Pokemon revamp top Nintendo lineup
Publisher details Wii and DS releases for early 2009; first in "New Play Control" line of GameCube remakes with motion control.
DS 17 Dec 2008
Petroglyph unveils new MMOG
Universe at War: Earth Assault developer teams with new publisher True Games for free-to-play, microtransaction-based, mythology-themed action RPG/strategy hybrid Mytheon.
PC 02 Dec 2008

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