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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Title Platform Date
Portal BioShocks GDC Awards
Valve's mind-bending puzzler takes home Game of the Year, ties 2K's undersea adventure with three awards; Phantom Hourglass, Crackdown also honored.
PSP 20 Feb 2008
Prototype goes Hollywood
Barry Pepper, Gordon Clapp, Paul Guilfoyle to give voice to Radical Entertainment's upcoming parkour-inspired action game.
PC 04 Feb 2008
Patapon priced to move
Sony slaps a $19.99 tag onto upcoming action rhythm game from Loco Roco studio to get it spinning in as many PSPs as possible.
PSP 22 Jan 2008
Patapon marching in February
Rhythm-based action game from the studio behind LocoRoco charging onto North American PSPs in early 2008.
PSP 12 Dec 2007
PixelJunk Monsters menacing PSN
Q-Games' downloadable tower-defense RTS invading Sony's PlayStation 3 in January.
PS3 06 Dec 2007
PS3 feeling Pain, 360 GripShifts
Idol Minds' slingshot simulator hitting PSN this week, while GripShift invades Microsoft's downloadable service before year's end; Atari classics hitting XBLA "soon."
PS3 28 Nov 2007
Pyro Studios torching Planet 51
Commandos developer commissioned to develop games based on New Line Cinema's upcoming animated film in 2009.
X360 27 Nov 2007
PS3 updated, PC-to-PSP store launches
Sony tweaks its console firmware as it launches new service allowing nonconsole-based downloads; new PS Store content, games half price for Thanksgiving.
PS 20 Nov 2007
PGR4, F.E.A.R. demos File-d on XBL
Samplers for Sierra's paranormal shooter compilation and Bizarre Creation's street racer now available on Microsoft's online service.
X360 09 Oct 2007
Prince of Persia prequel trilogy unearthed?
Little-known blog claims Ubisoft is readying a family-friendly trio to precede its popular fantasy platformer--and partially coincide with its film adaptation.
PSP 09 Oct 2007
PS3 UT3 officially pushed to '08, new MK revealed
Development issues cost Sony a major holiday console exclusive, though Epic says it is trying to finish the title by year's end; Midway announces new fighter, Blitz game.
X360 02 Oct 2007
PSN MotorStorm-ed by Sigma add-ons
Sony's online store updated with new content for Phil Harrison's favorite racer and Tecmo's slice-and-dicer, as well as demos for Jericho and NBA 2K8.
PS3 27 Sep 2007
PSN deals Poker, PixelJunk
Two downloadable games and five demos headline Sony's weekly online store update.
PS3 13 Sep 2007
Pre-TGS '07: Xbox Live Arcade gets hardcore
Ikaruga, Rez, Exit, and more making their way to Microsoft's online arcade service.
X360 12 Sep 2007
PAX '07: Japanese Gaming Culture 101
Panel addresses the distinct differences between Eastern and Western societal approaches to the interactive medium.
SAT 26 Aug 2007
PAX '07: Day 1 wrap-up
The comic-strip-inspired gaming festival kicks off in Seattle for the fourth time, drawing a record crowd.
DS 25 Aug 2007
Pro Evo Soccer kickin' it on Wii
Konami confirms long-running footie franchise to arrive on Nintendo's newest system early next year.
WII 22 Aug 2007
Piyotama puzzles PlayStation Store
Downloadable PS3 title joins Heavenly Sword shorts and a spate of trailers in this week's update.
PS3 09 Aug 2007
Paul dunks NBA 2K8 cover
Likeness of New Orleans Hornets' point man will grace boxes of 2K Sports' latest basketball game.
PS3 19 Jul 2007
Puzzle Quest piecing together Wii, PS2, PC
D3Publisher set to bring popular role-playing puzzler to new platforms and mobile phones in early 2008.
X360 17 Jul 2007

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