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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Title Platform Date
PS games for PSP now on PS3
Sony updates its new console's PlayStation Store with five older games that work on the company's handheld system.
PS 04 Dec 2006
PC game charts: November 12-18
Sega's Medieval II: Total War enters the retail fray, slaying all comers except for Electronic Arts' Sims 2: Pets.
PC 29 Nov 2006
PS3, PSP Rainbow Six held till '07
What happens in Rainbow Six Vegas on the PSP, PS3, happens in 2007; PC version now due on December 12.
PC 21 Nov 2006
PS3 online, Sixaxis shown off at Sony Gamers' Day
[UPDATED] Executives demonstrate the next-gen console's controller and online capabilities--including store and downloads; multimedia functions and game demos dominate San Francisco presentati..
PS3 19 Oct 2006
PS3's downloadable games confirmed
Five (maybe six) new games confirmed for PS3's download service following info leak; SOE's Cash Carnage Chaos likely makes it half-dozen.
PS3 19 Oct 2006
Project 8 sk8s out demo
Xbox 360 trial of Tony Hawk's new endeavor scheduled to arrive on Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow.
X360 19 Oct 2006
PSP gets 2.81 patch
New update addresses issues with high-capacity Memory Stick Duo Pro cards, security; World Tour Soccer 06 demo available.
PSP 07 Sep 2006
PS3s, PCs ride the Metro
FPS from 4A Games coming in late 2008; story sees human survivors of postapocalyptic Moscow battle mutants in the subways.
PC 21 Aug 2006
Partial TGS 2006 game list emerges
CESA and Nikkei BP's tentative slate of games show Xbox 360 and PS3 present and accounted for, but no Wii titles yet.
X360 03 Aug 2006
Paradigm completes shift to THQ
Publisher closes on acquisition of developer; next Stuntman game in April 2007 at the earliest.
X360 25 Jul 2006
Phenomic conjuring SpellForce 2 expansion
Dragon Storm set to be released later this year; North American publisher for the game as yet unconfirmed.
PC 18 Jul 2006
PS3 bundle-palooza opens with $1,000-plus pack
European retailer lists 60GB PlayStation 3 with three games for 549 pounds ($1,016).
PS3 16 Jun 2006
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl details dished out
Nintendo divulges more secrets about the twin titles, including setting, and a new Pokédex--that looks like a DS.
DS 15 Jun 2006
PSP firmware updated to 2.71
New download allows game demos to be downloaded directly to memory stick, addresses LocationFree Player issue.
PSP 01 Jun 2006

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