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MassEffect 3

Title Platform Date
Q&A: Will Wright on the rules of Stupid Fun Club
The celebrated designer explains the origins of his new studio's name, why he left EA, and what he thinks about Spore.
PC 08 Apr 2009
Q&A: Ken Levine talks BioShock, reminisces about X-Co
2K Boston frontman Ken Levine talks about how BioShock 2 ended up at 2K Marin, his upcoming mystery project, and how his studio literally went underwater.
PC 20 Mar 2009
Q&A: EA Sports Active-ating Wii
Peter Moore reveals first installment in his company's long-rumored fitness franchise, which will combine aerobics, nutrition, and resistance training in spring 2009 for $59.99.
WII 12 Nov 2008
Q&A: Virtual Heroes training real heroes
PSPs teaching Hilton hoteliers? Silent Hill artists training Special Forces with RPGs? Grand Theft Auto designers helping police and paramedics? It's all in a day's work for CEO Jerry Hen..
PS 03 Oct 2008
Q&A:'s DRM-free downloadable games
GameSpot News gets the details on this upcoming PC game online distribution service from managing director Adam Oldakowski.
PC 08 Sep 2008
Q&A: EA Games' Frank Gibeau, pt. 1
In the first of two interviews, the president of Electronic Arts' most gamer-centric label talks about wooing Grasshopper, landing Epic, and letting internal studios run wild.
X360 22 Aug 2008
Q&A: Epic's Capps raps about EA deal
Gears of War developer's president discusses partnering with Electronic Arts, dissects the publisher-developer relationship, and divulges the existence of another new IP.
PC 15 Aug 2008
Q&A: FIFA Soccer 09
FIFA 09 producer David Rutter on new gameplay additions, expanding Be a Pro, whether Australia's A-League is back in the mix, and a possible PS3-exclusive mode.
X360 01 Jul 2008
Q&A: Meier on revolutionizing Colonization
Firaxis' oft-honored game designer discusses the surprise revival of his New World conquest sim, Civilization: Revolution going gold, and PS3 keyboard support.
PC 13 Jun 2008
Q&A: Sega brass talk Platinum deal
Publisher's US president and VP of marketing discuss their approach to making commercial hits from critical darlings; say new games won't be one-offs.
X360 19 May 2008
Q&A: Stargate Worlds MMORPG team
Members of the team working on the upcoming online version of Stargate talk to GameSpot about when the game will be coming, what their favourite features are so far, and reveal that they will be an..
PC 15 May 2008
Q&A: Blind Guardian on music in games
German band Blind Guardian talk to GameSpot about their appearance in the upcoming Sacred 2, and what it's like to be a guitarist playing Guitar Hero.
PC 02 May 2008
Q&A: Telltale tells why Sam & Max works
CEO Dan Connors explains how an adventure series has succeeded in an episodic game market where Valve, Ritual, and Telltale's previous efforts failed.
PC 09 Apr 2008
Q&A: THQ's Sorensen talks acquisitions
VP of product development opines on his company's growing pains, industry consolidation, and iPhone development.
X360 04 Apr 2008
Q&A: Dishwasher dev comes clean on XBLA XNA
James Silva dishes on Microsoft's development toolkit, his upcoming game, and the possibility of Zombie Smashers X4: Guitarpocalypse seeing the light of day.
X360 11 Mar 2008
Q&A: Rez HD creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi
The developer behind Lumines talks about his latest work, revisiting Space Channel 5, and the prospect of a collaboration with Harmonix.
X360 25 Jan 2008
Q&A: Sensible Software's Jon Hare
The brains behind a slew of legendary '90s titles is back, talks to GameSpot about Sensible Soccer and how the industry has changed in the past 15 years.
XBOX 02 Jan 2008
Q&A: Morhaime on Activision-Blizzard union
President and cofounder of World of Warcraft publisher pulls back curtain on the $18.9 billion dollar deal that changed the face of gaming.
MOBILE 02 Dec 2007
Q&A: Everyday Shooter creator Jonathan Mak
The indie developer behind Sony's latest downloadable PlayStation 3 game talks about his indie hit, from its start as a puzzler to levels that didn't make the cut.
PS3 23 Oct 2007
Q&A: Warner Bros. IE's $500M game deal
What do you get when you cross a half-billion dollars and a growing game arm of multimedia multinational? WBIE SVP Samantha Ryan explains.
X360 18 Oct 2007

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