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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Title Platform Date
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad delayed to Septembe
Tripwire Interactive's PC first-person shooter pushed back two weeks to give developer time to add "extra polish."
PC 08 Aug 2011
Renegade Ops firing up this September
Avalanche Software's $15 downloadable Xbox 360, PS3, and PC game; new trailer inside.
X360 26 Jul 2011
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One arrives Oct. 18
Insomniac's four-person co-op, PS3-exclusive 3D action adventure hits this fall; preorder incentives include retailer-specific in-game items; series sales hit 22 million.
PS3 20 May 2011
Red Dead Redemption ships 8 million, Take-Two profits fla
Western game hits new sales milestone as publisher names Undead Nightmare expansion a major hit; NBA 2K11, Civilization V also solid holiday players; next GTA missing from release calendar.
X360 08 Feb 2011
Remedy bringing Death Rally to iPhones, iPads
Alan Wake developer adapting 1996 original car-combat racer for release on Apple's iOS platforms this March.
PC 12 Jan 2011
Rift opening on PCs March 1
Trion Worlds' terraforming fantasy MMORPG dated for early 2011, digital and retail preorder incentives now available.
PC 04 Jan 2011
Resistance 3 firing up Sept. 6, 2011
Insomniac Games announces release date for third entry in the science fiction shooter series.
PS3 11 Dec 2010
Roy Halladay starting for MLB 2K11
2K Sports taps Philadelphia Phillies ace to cover next year's baseball sim, due this spring for 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, PC.
X360 15 Nov 2010
Remedy working on new 'AAA' Xbox 360 project
Job listing reveals that Finnish studio is already hiring for its next big game for Microsoft's console--is it Alan Wake 2?
X360 19 Oct 2010
Ron Gilbert takes up with Double Fine
DeathSpank creator rejoins with Secret of Monkey Island collaborator Tim Schafer on new, as-yet-undetailed new project.
X360 27 Sep 2010
Red Faction: Armageddon May delay tops THQ schedule
MX vs. ATV Alive hits in spring; Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine due in summer; Saints Row 3 and next WWE coming in fall; and next UFC coming in early 2012.
PC 13 Sep 2010
Resident Evil: Afterlife tops US box office
Fourth installment in Capcom-inspired film franchise takes in $27.7 million; best opening weekend for series to date.
X360 13 Sep 2010
Rayman Origins zapping holiday 2010
Ubisoft's quirky side-scrolling 2D platformer begins episodic series on 360, PS3 later this year; Wii, PC, iPad, 3DS installments possible in 2011.
PS3 06 Jul 2010
Rage, 3DS top Game Critics' E3 Awards
Postapocalyptic combat racer takes home three awards, but Nintendo's new handheld walks off with Best of Show.
X360 06 Jul 2010
Rock Band 3 lead designer exits stage
Dan Teasdale leaves Harmonix for 'Splosion Man studio Twisted Pixel; working on "ridiculously cool new project."
X360 02 Jul 2010
Retailers agree on $150 Kinect - Retail Radar
E3 2010: GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target all list common price point for Microsoft's camera-based motion-sensing add-on.
X360 17 Jun 2010
Rollercoaster Tycoon taking on big screen
Sony Pictures Animation picks up the rights to make a live-action film with CG elements based on Atari's PC theme park simulation series.
XBOX 17 May 2010
Red Faction 4, Saints Row 3, Darksiders 2 scheduled, Spac
THQ says RF: Guerrilla successor, Homefront due by April 2011; open-world crime sequel, post-post-apocalyptic follow-up, and Warhammer 40,000 spin-off due during subsequent fiscal year.
X360 03 Feb 2010
Rocket Knight blasting off on 360, PS3, PCs
Konami's 16-bit opossum platforming hero Sparkster returns next year with a new downloadable action game.
X360 20 Oct 2009
Rock Band 3 in the works
MTV Games head confirms Harmonix is already working on third major entry in rhythm franchise, exploring possibility of another game devoted to one major band.
X360 21 Aug 2009

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