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Title Platform Date
Vanquish mobilizing in October
E3 2010: PlatinumGames' Shinji Mikami-directed sci-fi shooter narrowed to Halloween month on 360, PS3.
PS3 16 Jun 2010
Valve opens up to Macs
Half-Life studio announces full support of Apple's OS for Steam, catalog hits this April; Portal 2 compatibility confirmed; all future games getting simultaneous PC, Mac, 360 release.
PC 08 Mar 2010
Vanquish arriving on 360, PS3 this winter
PlatinumGames' fourth collaboration with Sega confirmed as a third-person shooter, will arrive in West in 2010.
PS3 04 Mar 2010
Valkyria Chronicles 2 marches onto PSP in 2010
Sega bringing last year's well-received turn-based tactical RPG franchise to Sony's handheld next summer.
PSP 16 Sep 2009
Virtual On actually on XBLA April 29
Sega preps HD rerelease of arcade twin-stick robot fighting game Oratorio Tangram for Microsoft's downloadable game service.
X360 23 Apr 2009
Video Q&A: Katamari creator guest-starring on 24
APRIL FOOL'S DAY: In eighth season of Fox's thriller series, Noby Noby Boy maker Keita Takahashi will appear as scientist whose experiments with unstable matter threaten Los Angeles...aga..
PS3 01 Apr 2009
Valkyrie Profile, Dragon Quest V DS get US dates
Square Enix pencils in release dates for much of its early 2009 slate; Norse-themed RPG hits March 17, Hand of the Heavenly Bride reaches out Feb. 17.
DS 11 Nov 2008
Viva Pinata getting smashed in Paradise
Rare's adorable papier-mache garden returns to the Xbox 360 this September with Trouble in Paradise.
X360 13 May 2008
Valkyria Chronicles invading in autumn
Sega's Japanese strategy role-playing game heading to Europe and America.
PS3 25 Feb 2008
Vigilante 8 taking aim at Xbox Live
Activision gets car combat series up and gunning again after nearly eight years in the shop.
N64 15 Feb 2008
Valve purchases Turtle Rock Studios
Half-Life 2 creator adds Orange County-based developer of Left 4 Dead to further Southern California, console market expansion.
PC 10 Jan 2008
Vivendi merges with Activision in $18.9B deal
Game industry sees paradigm shift as number two and number three independent game publishers ally to form "Activision Blizzard"; Vivendi to control 52 percent stake.
MOBILE 02 Dec 2007
Viva Pinata couple planning Viva Pinata wedding
When David Rosowski, a 27 year old multimedia specialist for Florida Community College, decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him, he wanted it to be a proposal to remember.
DS 08 Oct 2007
Virtual Console brings Mario to Europe
The upcoming slate of Virtual Console downloads for the Wii features games never seen before in Europe.
TG16 14 Sep 2007
Viking officially pillaging PS3, 360
Sega unveils the first next-gen game from Total War creators The Creative Assembly: a God of War-style actioner steeped in Norse mythology.
PC 21 Aug 2007
Viva PiƱata sprouts on DS
[UPDATE] Microsoft to bring Rare's papier-mache-filled garden to Nintendo's handheld.
DS 30 Jul 2007
Virtua Fighter 5 kickin' it on Xbox Live
Sega opening up the online ring for the 360 version of its long-running fighting series.
X360 06 Jul 2007
Voice actors surf PSP Star Oceans
Japanese cast of handheld remakes appear at Square Enix Party, leak some additional tidbits of information; no new Star Ocean 4 details.
PSP 12 May 2007
Video Q&A: Swingin' with Spidey 3
Treyarch's Chris Archer talks to GameSpot about developing Spider-Man 3 at the game's premiere event in San Francisco.
DS 27 Feb 2007
Virtua Fighter 5 dukes it out on Xbox 360
Sega's original 3D fighting series goes multiplatform, set to debut on Microsoft's system in late summer 2007.
X360 21 Dec 2006

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