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Title Platform Date
Warhammer 40,000 game license extended
THQ, Games Workshop renew long-standing exclusive agreement in "multi-year" deal for sci-fi franchise, which has sold 6.5 million units to date.
PC 26 Apr 2011
Wizardry journeys West
Xseed Games picks up North American and European publishing rights to dungeon-crawling franchise's first downloadable PS3 iteration.
PS3 23 Mar 2011
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War III confirmed
THQ core boss Danny Bilson says true follow-up to Relic's 2009 sci-fi RTS will arrive 18 to 24 months after game's second expansion; Retribution coming in February.
PC 18 Aug 2010
Worms Reloaded for PC on August 26
Team 17 brings 2D strategic shooter back to PC next month through Steam for $20; prepurchase gains 10% discount, early access, bonus items.
PC 30 Jul 2010
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine breaching PC
Relic Entertainment's third-person action RPG coming to PC in addition to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
PC 26 Jul 2010
Warner Bros. appoints head of digital gaming
Publisher creates new executive position to oversee online and downloadable endeavors, names Turbine, Rocksteady, Midway acquisition lead to post.
PC 26 May 2010
Warner Bros. building Lego games through 2016
Publisher extends exclusive license agreement for subsidiary TT Games to create games based on Danish building block toys.
PS3 03 Mar 2010
Warner Bros. acquires majority stake in Rocksteady
Media conglomerate buys into Batman: Arkham Asylum developer to further expand its gaming holdings; studio to be charged with other WB IP.
X360 23 Feb 2010
World of Warcraft panel hit by Cataclysm
BlizzCon 2009: Third add-on to popular massively multiplayer online RPG explained in detail, with Blizzard developers outlining new zones, Worgen and Goblin races, and more; apparently coming next ..
PC 21 Aug 2009
Wii Modern Warfare waging Nov. 10
Infinity Ward's 2007 hit Call of Duty 4 gets a belated port to Nintendo platform this November as sequel arrives for other systems.
WII 05 Aug 2009
WWE license sparks new Jakks/THQ suit
Publisher petitions court following toy maker's one-sided decision to renew rights to make wrestling games for five more years.
X360 01 Jul 2009
Worms 2 ushers in Armageddon on XBLA July 1
Team 17's militant annelids arrive on Microsoft's online platform next week for $10.
PC 24 Jun 2009
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 enters the ring
THQ confirms update to hit franchise; coming to 360, PS3, PSP, Wii, and DS later this year.
X360 02 Jun 2009
Wii Fit Plus, new Mario hitting Japan in '09 - Repor
E3 2009:'s English service says new version of fitness-game phenomenon will ship in fall across Pacific; Japanese version hints at new Mario game during second half of year.
WII 31 May 2009
Wolfenstein blitzes stores August 4
Raven Software revamp of shooter franchise gets dated for PC, Xbox 360, PS3; original Wolfenstein 3D gets XBLA, PSN release next week.
PS3 29 May 2009
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine leads THQ's triple play
[UPDATE] Long-rumored PS3, 360 third-person action RPG based on Games Workshop IP officially unveiled; Biggest Loser DS and Wii-bound, Marvel Super Hero Squad headed to Wii, DS, PS2, and PSP.
X360 28 May 2009
Warner Bros. on lording over Lord of the Rings
Q&A: WBIE president Martin Tremblay discusses publisher's new film, literary rights to Tolkien's trilogy; LOTR: Aragorn's Quest coming to Wii, DS, PS2, PSP this fall, "core&..
WII 28 May 2009
WiiWare turns one
Nine-part Final Fantasy IV spin-off, Super Meat Boy, Cave Story headline upcoming lineup for downloadable-game service as Nintendo celebrates milestone.
WII 12 May 2009
Warner doodling with Scribblenauts
Publisher picks up 5TH Cell's open-ended, noun-based DS puzzle game for a fall release.
DS 01 May 2009
Will Wright leaves EA, founds Stupid Fun Club
[UPDATE] Sims and Spore designer leaves longtime home to establish "entertainment think tank" bankrolled by Electronic Arts.
SNES 08 Apr 2009

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