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Title Platform Date
XBLA Summer of Arcade games dated, priced
Five-week run kicks off July 20 with Bastion, wraps up August 17 with Toy Soldiers: Cold War; gamers who buy all five get Crimson Alliance free.
X360 27 Jun 2011
Xenoblade creators working on Wii U title
Nintendo's first-party studio currently recruiting programmers and artists for upcoming title.
WII 24 Jun 2011
Xenoblade Chronicles confirmed for Europe
Wii role-playing game makes the jump from Japan later this year; North American release status uncertain.
WII 31 Mar 2011
X-Com creator crafting turn-based 3DS RPG
Comments made by Julian Gollop reveal he's working on a launch title for Nintendo's new portable; could be Ubisoft's portable Ghost Recon title.
3DS 16 Aug 2010
Xbox 360 Slim shipping now, Kinect due Nov. 4
E3 2010: [UPDATE] Microsoft trimmed console boasts 250GB HDD, built-in Wi-Fi, more for $299; motion-sensing add-on launching with 15 games, including Harmonix's Dance Central, possible $150 pr..
X360 14 Jun 2010
XBLA sale knocks 50% off SSFII HD Remix, South Park
Rocket Riot, Lumines Live, Defense Grid, Mad Tracks, Age of Booty, Schizoid, and Wallace & Gromit Episode 1 all half off; Track & Field discounted by 40%.
X360 01 Apr 2010
XBL, PSN brace for Final Fight: Double Impact
Downloadable two-pack to include seminal arcade beat-'em-up and Magic Sword with graphic filters, online co-op play next April.
PS3 01 Dec 2009
Xbox Live Rewards program launches
[UPDATE] Microsoft unveils invite-only program that lets XBL Gold subscribers get MS points for renewing subscriptions, taking surveys, buying items on XBL Marketplace.
X360 03 Nov 2009
Xbox Live, MS Game Studios chief defects to EA
Just weeks after he presided over Microsoft's E3 event, John Schappert has returned to his former employer as its new COO; predecessor lands at social-network game maker.
PC 18 Jun 2009
Xbox 360 passes one million units sold in Japan
Microsoft celebrates hardware-sales milestone with "thank you" campaign; plans to give away one million Microsoft points in Japan; Japanese 2009 release schedule outlined.
X360 21 Apr 2009
XBLA, PSN carve out Thanksgiving sales
Downloadable services dropping prices for US holiday weekend, offering Rez HD, Echochrome, Catan, and more at a discount.
X360 26 Nov 2008
Xbox 360 gets bundles of holiday joy
Microsoft adds Sega Superstars Tennis to $199 Arcade boxes, whereas standard $299 and Elite $399 systems will come packed with Lego Indy, Kung Fu Panda.
X360 09 Oct 2008
XBL revs spike 67 percent in August
Summer of Arcade slate, including Geometry Wars 2, Braid, Castle Crashers pushes sales for Microsoft's online platform to best month ever.
X360 26 Sep 2008
X-Com commandeers Steam
MicroProse's five-game collection of classic RTS franchise heads to Valve's online distribution platform, $5 apiece or $15 for the lot.
PC 04 Sep 2008
Xbox Live gets Labor Day sale
Downloadable game service to temporarily slash prices on four older titles; Fatal Fury Special and Cyberball 2072 confirmed for Wednesday release.
X360 30 Aug 2007
XBLA gets shellshocked Wednesday
Ubisoft brings Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game to Microsoft's downloadable game service this week.
X360 12 Mar 2007
Xbox Live hits 4 million users
Online service for Microsoft's consoles reaches new milestone; population expected to grow to 6 million by mid-2007.
X360 18 Oct 2006
X06: Halo Wars revealed at Microsoft briefing
Wildly popular FPS franchise spawns RTS spin-off; Splinter Cell 5 to be PC, 360 exclusive; Assassin's Creed demo'd.
X360 27 Sep 2006
X06: PGR4 pulled out of garage
Sequel to Xbox 360 launch title announced at Microsoft's X06 event in Barcelona; details on speedy racer are scarce as Peter Moore shows just a single trailer.
X360 27 Sep 2006
X06: MS gets Bioshock, Splinter Cell 5 exclusivity
Irrational Games shooter and Ubisoft sequel to Double Agent locked down for Xbox 360, PC.
X360 27 Sep 2006

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