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Star Wars Old Republic

One of the best games i have ever played.


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
40 to 100 Hours
The Bottom Line:


Fallout 3 is one of the greatest games i have ever played. It has a nice story, a lot to explore and it is fun to play. At first i wasn't too much into it when i started playing. It was my first open world game with so much to do and coming off of Call of duty, it wasn't as fast paced as most shooters. But after taking a break and getting bored of the same type of shooter i decided to play it again and was much more excited. The karma system adds to the story because there are different things you get for having bad karma or good karma or neutral karma. And it also affects which companions you can choose to follow you. There are more than one way to get certain items or to finish a quest. You can choose to save someone or not which changes the way some people interact with you. When you play it and you get into it you won't even notice the time flying by. You can play for an hour and it will feel like 20 or 30 minutes. I am writing this the day before Modern warfare 3 come out and i would actually rather buy the dlc for this game then buy MW3 right away thats how fun it is. If you are bored with all the same type of fps games out there this is a very nice change of pace.There is tons to do after you beat the main story, but i would advise you check the fallout wikia if you just start because there are some bugs that can mess you up.
Fun lengthy game (200+hours if you explore EVERYWHERE and download dlc)
Different from most of the normal fps games.
Cheap since its been out for a while now.
Cons: Bugs/Glitches good amount of them, most of them you won't really run into but some of them you will almost certainly will. But the world is so big in the game, but it won't take away anything really from the fun but just make sure you either save often or have autosave on and you will be fine.
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Sound: 7/10
Replay value: 10/10

An engrossing RPG that just needed far more polish before release.


Just Right
Time Spent:
100 or More Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Mixed reactions"


I play a lot of games. In fact I have played hundreds of games in the 20 years I have been gaming across many systems in various genres and currently own over 260 titles though I've played more. I am not saying this to gloat, I simply want to make a point that all those titles combined have given me far less bugs, glitches and crashes than Fallout 3. It is by far the biggest technical mess I have ever encountered, I had constant crashing making certain parts of the game almost unplayable, got stuck in walls, floors, had quests glitch out, a main quest trophy not unlock, constant slowdown, had my main characters body vanish leaving a floating weapon and head etc.

The sad thing is that despite the game being pretty fun and really quite addictive the main thing I will remember looking back at it, even now is the complete lack of quality control.

Technical disaster aside Fallout 3 is an engrossing RPG. I have never played any of the original Fallout titles though I gather 3 is set 30 years after Fallout 2. You play a Vault Dweller hiding out in a Vault tech shelter hiding out after nuclear war, when your father leaves the vault you leave chasing after him into the post apocalyptic wasteland that was once Washington DC.

Fallout 3 is completely open world so although there is a main story line in chasing your father and unraveling his secrets, 90% of your time will be spent exploring the vast wasteland and completing many side quests scattered around make shift towns. There are literally dozens of hours available here doing seemingly nothing due to the sheer size of the wasteland and the things to see.

During your exploration your character will of course be assaulted by various enemies from human bandits to mutated scorpions. Combat can be either first of third person though the third person mode is more of a gimmick that just doesn't work comfortably. There are various weapons to use depending on how you choose to build your character, from using heavy weapons like mini guns, to close combat weapons like swords and hammers.

Most weapons are generally scavenged from the wasteland, either dead enemies, looting buildings or bought from the occasional trader. Weapons all break unless repaired and normally when first found they aren't in great condition. You can repair them yourself if you have invested in the repair skill or get a trader to do it. Once leveled up enough it is almost never an issue but it's a nice way of balancing your weapons at first.

There is one aspect of Fallout 3 that really makes combat more than just a shooter called the V.A.T.S system. It allows you to temporarily pause time, select certain body parts, sometimes on multiple enemies then let rip in slow motion for crazy damage. Each limb has it's own level of health so deal enough damage in V.A.T.S and limbs get blown off or heads explode with eyeballs flying through the air in cinematic style. It's fantastic and allows players to pause the game and tactically plan everything when outnumbered.

Last thing I feel really worth mentioning is that leveling up was actually exciting to me. The variety of perks to choose from is actually excellent affecting a variety of things from weapon skills, lock picking, conversation charisma, lock picking, weapon repair, V.A.T.S etc. Despite being largely a first person shooter it is still very much an RPG and simply put, I liked it.

Artistically Fallout 3 is actually pretty good, it has a sort of retro futurism so there are laser rifles and robots yet cars, clothes and music are all torn straight from the 50's. Pip boy the vault tech's mascot is simply everywhere with different art for every perk you choose, most are fairly humorous. Sadly the rest of the visuals aren't as impressive, they are passable but perhaps due to the scale aren't incredibly detailed and tend to reuse assets all over the place. That in itself is understandable the colour palate though maybe not so much. Do you like grey and brown? You will love Fallout 3. I perfectly understand it is meant to be a post apocalyptic wasteland but there is a distinct lack of colour variety.

To get the platinum I spent maybe 130 hours running around and there was areas of the map I still hadn't explored so it's certainly value for money. The wasteland is huge with plenty of landmarks to explore, characters to talk to and quests to complete.

So it boils down to this really, if you can stand the crazy amount of bugs, glitches, crashing and various shades of brown then you will love Fallout 3. Despite it's flaws the game is incredibly addictive, V.A.T.S and leveling are fantastic and there are very few games like it around. It's hard to recommend but also hard not to.

+ V.A.T.S is an excellent combat aid.
+ Leveling up has lots of options.
+ Game is simply massive with tons to do and see.

- Buggiest game I will ever play.
- Grey, brown, grey, brown.

Wide, open world; Great variety; Play however you want!


Editors' Choice
Time Spent:
20 to 40 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Best in series"


Ahhh.... Fallout. I played the first two games on the PC, and when the GOTY edition came out for Ps3, I knew I just had to play it --- if only just for the nostalgia.

Things are a lot different now, as expected. This is the best in the series with all the bells and whistles of a modern RPG. The pedigree feels a lot like Oblivion, but the setting and story is so unique that it plays a whole lot differently from that other classic -- and that's a good thing.

While the graphics are not quite up to par with other similar marquee games, everything else is done in such a way that the game stands out in a crowd. From the music to the "look" to the stories to the combat, everything feels uniquely "Fallout" -- sort of creepy, very addicting and tons of fun to play.

Decision making plays a big role, as you're allowed to approach different situations in a different way. None of your decisions result in game-ending situations, but most of them result in different branches --- allowing you to carve out your own story as you wish. In fact, there are several alternate endings depending on the choices you make. This is a true RPG, and one that should stand the test of time.

If there's anything I didn't like about the game, its the fact that some quests seem too complicated and not interesting enough (like the Nuka-Cola Challenge and the Survival Guide), but in the end these are just minor annoyances to what would otherwise be a masterpiece.

Fallout 3 is the perfect example of a perfect game, the only problem with it is how addicting it is, and minor glitches.


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
100 or More Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Highly addictive"


From the second you turn it on, to the moment you turn it off, Fallout 3 will have you at the edge of your seat, and addicted.
It will most likely be the game you were playing when you got it, and the game you are playing weeks later.

With a world as vast, and enormous as Fallout 3, it almost gets to the point where you will become frustrated, because you could spend a long while running in one direction, to not reach the other side, but to only reach a "Nearby" location, The world is so enormous you will spend a lot of your time "Fast Traveling" places just to get further into the game.

The game begins... with you being born, your In-Game father asks the nurse what gender you are, and that is when you will get a prompt asking you what gender your character will be, then after a few heart felt moments, "Dad" will pull a green television screen close to you, and the screen is supposed to depict what you will look like when you grow up, it is here that you customize how your character will look, make sure you are comfortable with it too, because you will be stuck with it for a LONG time.

Then when "Mom" begins to go into cardiac arrest you are hurried away to only see "1 YEAR LATER", from there you will learn the basics, walking and picking up things and such, and you do this during your first steps... and playing with toys as a baby, you pick up a You're Special childrens book, and it is there you will decide what your Traits will be.

After that you fast forward another NINE YEARS, where you have just entered a room, to have everyone yell surprise... why?.... Because its your 10th Birthday of course... Gosh... forgot your own Birthday huh?

Anyways you will be able to communicate with people for the first time here, with a multi-choice, morality driven, way of talking to folks... You will be given a list of things to say, you will choose what Nice, Normal, or Naughty thing to say to someone, meaning Good, Neutral, and Bad Morality, also known as "Karma".

You will be able to make a few choices, and treat people like dirt, just be normal, or be little goodie two shoes.

Then you flash SIX YEARS LATER, where you are now a Teenager off to take your G.O.A.T. (Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test).

It's here that you supposedly get your "Job", but the teacher lets you change them to the way you see fit, despite any result you get... And if you talk to him before hand, you can even avoid taking it.

This is where you will add points to the Skills you wish to.. for example (The Barter skill allows you to buy things from people for a lower price, the higher your barter skill, the lower the price), it works this way for a lot of skills, that will do different things for your character (Lock Picking, Hacking, Skill with certain weapons, "Speech" which allows you to be the Social Butterfly you always wanted to be... etc).

Well THREE YEARS LATER, you figure out Dads missing, and he broke out of the "Vault", which in this Apocalyptic Era, is an underground living place where people who "Pre-paid, and made reservations back before the Nuclear Warfare reside".

There are many of these Vaults, and your In-Game Father has broken out of this one, you are then hunted by the "Overseer" and his goons, which will try to kill you if you get the chance, because they are convinced you are endangering everyone in the vault, you then must escape with your friend "Amata" and when she stays in the vault, and you leave, you will then enter the world of Fallout 3!

The Larger than Life Apocalyptic, and extremely Irradiated "Capital Wasteland" is yours to explore, where Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders, Dogs, Mole-Rats, Defective Robots, Outlaws, Smugglers, Mirelurks, Slavers, ALIENS, and much more, await your arrival, lurking around, LONGING to attack you.

But thats okay, because you will be READY, Fallout 3 is a Shooter, with RPG elements added into it...

So lets start with the basics, three enemies holding axes are running towards you, and it is your job to make sure they NEVER reach you... So in this case you would want to pull out an "Assault Rifle" or something that is moderately accurate, so you have a better chance of hitting them, because if you pull out a "Combat Shotgun" and they are about 20 feet away, you are going to..... MISS.

So as an example, you will pull out your "Assault Rifle", and you have 2 options... You can just pump a large amount of bullet into em, or you can use V.A.T.S. (Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System).

When you begin using V.A.T.S. time will come to a stop, everything will freeze, and you will select an enemy target, once selected, you will choose which limb, or member of their body to attack, (arms, legs, head, or torso) and next to each limb will be a percentage, that percentage represents your accuracy, and how likely you are to hit, or get a critical hit on that enemy.

So for example, you choose to shoot Raider number one's head... the percentage is 54 %, meaning you have a 54 % chance of hitting his head, but there is still a 46 % chance you will hit nothing but air.... (Make Sense?)

So lets say it says 54 %, and you choose to shoot at Raider number one's head... Three times... you miss the first, and second time, but you deliver an ENDING blow on the third strike... that is because your first two attacks resided in that 46 %, and the third shot slipped into the 54 %.

Now I will explain HP, and AP....

Anyone who has EVER played a RPG in their life, most likely knows what HP, and AP stand for... but just in case you don't, HP means (HEALTH POINTS), and AP means (ACTION POINTS).

So your HP meter to the bottom left, shows you how much Health you have... your AP meter to the bottom right, shows how many Action Points you have, when using V.A.T.S. every strike uses AP, meaning if you just shoot an enemy, your AP will be unchanged, but if you shoot em in V.A.T.S. you will lose a large amount of AP... If you carry an "Assault Rifle" you will be able to use 3 strikes in V.A.T.S. before running out of AP, with a "Fat Man" rocket launcher, you will most likely have ONE shot in V.A.T.S. before depleting your AP Gauge... But don't fret, you do not have to buy HUNDREDS, and HUNDREDS of AP potions or anything, your AP will recharge, and rather quickly as well.

But the whole AP concept keeps you from just killing every single person in sight in slow motion... its set up perfectly, because you don't have a lot of AP, but it does charge overtime, leaving you to strategize.

But in Fallout 3, being friendly, and getting personal with people, is pretty much the key to a terrific storyline... Or maybe you want to be on the other end of the spectrum, blowing every civilian you see away, asking no questions, stealing, beating, cheating, betraying, and lying to people.

Every single decision you make, molds your characters story into something different... this REALLY sucks you in, because everything you do gets a reaction from certain people, and incredibly realistic reaction... long story short, this game works hard, to make you feel like you are actually living another life.

If you beat up a settler outside of a town, and then go inside the town, you may not be welcomed with open arms, you might just be shunned, and given the cold shoulder.

Certain things you do, can make things easier, or extremely hard, depending on the situation... If you kill an individual that was treating you like dirt, yes you will build a reputation for being a killer, and be feared in the long run, but that individual you killed happened to be a craftsman, meaning you can't have anything built for you at that location... and if that is one of the only locations you have discovered, or you are early in the game... you pretty much in all other words.. "Screwed Yourself".

There is also the fact that you will probably not even be able to step foot in that specific town again, without being shot at, or beaten with baseball bats.

The whole world reacts this way... if you are extremely nice to people, they will give you information, or discounts, or maybe even give you free goodies along the way... like for example.. If you are really good to the people "Megaton" (A city built around a Nuclear Bomb), the city's civilians, will treat you like a hero, and some civilians may even stop to thank you, and give you something, like some ammo, or some food, or some medication.

If you are really bad to people you will have bounties put on your head, and bounty hunters to follow, and they have a lot of connections, and you will find yourself in danger even outside of a city's walls, and next time you need medical assistance, or you need to repair something, or you need supplies, going to a town won't get you a shot for your wounds, but a shot to the head.

So you really have to plan ahead... you have to constantly be considering the future, and also be considering how your actions may effect you... Now... or Later.

For example... you may be injured, out of ammo, and have radiation sickness, and stumble across a cabin, you go inside, there is a lady that lives there, in it is everything you would need to recover.. but they are ladies' property, if you steal them, you will gain Bad karma, and the lady will most likely pull a gun on you... or lets say you ask her for some supplies... She says no... Do you kill her for it, or do you simply walk away and look somewhere else?

Because killing her would be good for you now, and would give you immediate results... but with that, there will be consequences later...

Or lets say you just talk to her nicely, and she tells you she is a woman on the run... you can get into a nice in-depth conversation with her... and she may even tell you something personal.. like the fact she was forced to sleep with guys for money... and she grew tired of it, and was mentally scarred by it, so she ran away... and now her employer is after her, and hiring people to find her.

You can tell her to give you all her caps NOW!... You can tell her its okay, and you won't tell anyone she is here, or you can tell her no one is here, in exchange some of her "Caps"/Money.

Because in Fallout 3, people do not use dollar bills, or quarters, or any modern form of currency, they use Bottle Caps.

Each decision had a different consequence, if you told her to give you all her caps, she would start shooting at you, and you would gain Bad Karma, if you did her a favor, and kept her location secret she would simply thank you, and you would gain Good Karma, if you kept her location secret in exchange for money, she would pay you 300 Caps, and you would keep your mouth shut.

And lets say you did her a favor, and kept your mouth shut for free... then later, when you enter the town nearby, some people that knew her would thank you, and you would have more options with them socially.

Everything you do in Fallout 3 has both a benefit, and a consequence.

So later on when you start taking sides, and choosing factions, you better be prepared... because there is always gonna be hell to pay.

Another interesting thing about Fallout 3, is buying and selling things..

It is nearly identical to an RPG... except it is a little more costly, and can be really depressing at times, because certain people, charge you more for things, than others do... and some people just don't like you.

Repairing things is vital too... Because if you don't stay on top of things, you will watch your favorite weapons and armors break before your eyes... and along with that can come depression.. depending on how important it was.

There can also be MAJOR consequences to not staying on top of things repair wise.... You could lose your best weapon, and armor in the middle of a battle, leaving you pretty much naked... and you will most likely.... die.

Also with certain traits you can do certain things... like having a good number next to your intelligence trait will allow you to speak with people that are intelligent more fluently, like doctors, and scientists... and by fluently, I mean you will be able to relate with them, and they will give you more information.

Same thing with other traits.. Like strength... if you have a good number on your strength trait, you will be able to convince people they are safe with you... and that you won't let anything happen to them... and they are more likely to believe it.

Every single aspect of Fallout 3 will have you amazed, and the possibilities are Literally endless.

It is definitely a game you want to consider, if you haven't considered already... and it will definitely keep you entertained until the very end, and even AFTER THAT.

If you are a hardcore collector, this is definitely a title you want on your shelf.


Fallout 3 is rated Mature for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, and Use of Drugs.

Fallout 3 is as bad as you make it... like I said, you call the shots, if you want to blow away a little kid, you will be able to do just that.

Fallout 3 does one of the best jobs of depicting realistic violence... when you shoot an enemy in the leg, the bullet will either jam into their leg causing blood to spew from their wound... or you will blow their leg off.

Same thing with any other limb, blow it off, blow it up, severe it, chop it, smash it... its your choice.

The worst gore you will encounter in Fallout 3 is when using V.A.T.S... when you kill an enemy in V.A.T.S. they will lose their limb, or die in slow motion... if you shoot their head, it will fly off in slow motion, or depending on how critical the strike was... their head will explode, and chunks of brain, flesh, skull, eye, and all kinds of nice things will splatter, spray, fly through the air.

Fallout 3 is a blood bath, blood sprays on walls, floors, objects, and even people.

If the site of blood makes you sick, or gore makes you vomit... this is NOT the game you should buy... because not only is gore frequent... it is constant.

In Fallout 3 it is a dog eat dog world out there... well actually with the amount of cannibalism in this game, I guess it would actually be safe to say Man eat Man world.

People eat each other yes, quests involving murder are frequent, and some of the murders are caused by cannibalism, in that case leaving you to examine the disgusting remains of a cannibal's victim.

There are a lot of things in Fallout 3 that could be disturbing, and/or disgusting to people.

Like for example.. raiders kill people and hang them by chains... these rotting corpses will hand off of building, and grocery stores, and trees, and such.

Most of them are missing a lot of flesh, and missing things like.. arms... and legs... heads.

Ghouls can be frightening to some... especially the feral ones... Ghouls are people who were exposed to a lot of radiation... and with that they lost a lot of skin, and hair, so on and so on... the result.. they look like a living corpse.. they are people that are alive, but they are rotting... and the Feral Ghouls, are people who lost their minds, and these are a lot more like really quick Zombies, than rotting people...

When you go down into sewers, or subways, or metro stations, you will find a lot of Feral Ghouls, sometimes you may even jump, because they were hiding in a dark room, or they popped of a corner.

Fallout is many things... A Horror... is one of them.

Violence is constant in Fallout 3, you are always shooting someone, someone is always shooting at you, or someone is always shooting someone else, or lets say you don't have the luxury of shooting, then you will be left to either crush their bodies body parts with a baseball bat, or tire iron, or lead pipe, or be left to dismember and behead them with an axe, or a sword, or a knife, or a chain saw, and much... MUCH more.

Fallout 3 is many things... A Violence Fest... is one of them.

Its an awfully lonely world out there... and some people pay for company... in certain cities you will find girls that are OBVIOUSLY prostitutes, can you do anything with them no... can you kiss them no.... can you pay for them yes... but really this aspect of the game is useless, because you do not DO anything with ANYONE, this happens in certain places when you simply rent a room, and you can't rent a room without them, do you have to sleep in the room no, but do you want to... well yeah since you just paid quite a bit for it.

The girl will walk to your room, and lay down on the rental bed like she is sleeping, they do not lay there suggestively, they do not call you, and your character doesn't even have an animation where they lay down next to her, you simply walk up, and choose the amount of hours you wish your character to sleep, the screen turns black, nothing is hear, nothing is seen, and you are simply standing at your bedside when the hours stop counting, just like you were when they started counting.

So implications are frequent, but in the end this really is an all bark no bite situation... When talking to the prostitutes they will not explicitly tell you they are prostitutes, they will just call you "Baby, and Hon, and Sugar", and you will talk to them about normal things, things not referring to sex... Only with one particular lady in Megaton do you ever hear her confirm she is a prostitute, you can ask her if she has ever done "Business" with the bartender "Gob" who is a ghoul... she tells you things like "I am a whore, my standards aren't exactly high, but there are even places I won't go".

You can also make "Bad Karma" decisions by lying about people... like for example, a young waitress at a restaurant likes a pastor in training, but he cannot have any relations with her because of his religion... you can buy the Waitress "Ant Queen Pheromones", she will thank you and say "This will have him all over me"... or something close to that... it is a very long game, and this was early on stuff so forgive me if it is not "Word for Word".

But this is "Word for Word", you can go to the guy the waitress likes and talk to him, and ask him if he likes her... He says he is tempted but "I am a man of the cloth...." meaning he is too "Holy". :) -You can laugh at that one if you'd like.

Well you can talk to the head of the "Saint Monica" church and tell him that his student and the waitress are sleeping together... this is of course a lie... but you will get Bad Karma, and you will get different reactions to it depending on your social level.

People will call other individuals "Sluts", "Tramps", "B**ches", and such.

But like I said... in the sexual category it is all bark.... no bite... and is not even as bad as some Teen games out there.. so this really isn't a problem.

Language is frequent, and Strong.

The words F**k, S**t, B**ch, D**k, A*s, Damn, Hell, Crap, B*gger, and B**tard are used FREQUENTLY, and in many different ways and combinations...

Drugs are used, and talked about frequently...

The Drugs "Psycho", "Jet", "Mentats", "Med X", "Rad X", and "Ultra Jet" are talked about, used by you, and used by others...

You will find certain people that are addicted to drugs... you will be able to help them get clean, keep them high, or leave them to suffer from withdrawal.

References to drugs are made frequently like "I need to get my fix", or "I got the itch", or "I need to get high", and many more references as well, but those are the easiest to notice.

You can also use drugs, and drugs both make your character High, and give your character special attributes, like 40 + AP, or 25 % more damage, or 25 % damage resistance, so on so forth...

Abuse of drugs, or regular use of them will cause your character to become addicted to the certain drug you are taking... when you stop taking the drug for a while, your character goes into a withdrawal, which severely handicaps your character, and your stats.

In order to get clean you will need to visit a doctor, and pay your way out of addiction, or you can keep taking it, keep getting your fix when you begin to feel the itch, and you will be fine.

In the end Fallout is a Dangerous, Violent, Corrupt, Vulgar, Drugged Up mess... and it is your job in the game to either become the hero.... survive on your own... or become feared.... The choice... Is Yours.

This game is extremely addicting... and is worth the time.... and it will make you very entertained.. if you let it.

Well thats me with another review... hope it helped people...

P.S. read my other ones.... tell me what you think, send me a message.


Glitched -Failure of the publisher to patch avoid on anything but a PC version


Just Right
Time Spent:
40 to 100 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Mixed reactions"


Overall I liked fallout 3 in a lot of ways there were lots of interesting enemies and stories but it has a lot of problems that are an issue that the developers need to address. The biggest is that the game has a tendency to crash -freezing up a lot on the ps3. Early parts of the game its not an issue but later in the game you will freeze one time or more during a play session. This is the biggest problem in that it wastes our time. This could be fix but the developers are too busy to do so for the ps3 they fix the PC just not the ps3 is there are reason i don't know but its sloppy work. The next issue is the quests some are hard to find and some are really difficult to get into as things are not well indicated and you can get stuck at places losing lots of work if your not careful. The biggest issue is that some of the doors to the areas your going into can't be seen till your standing on top of it. Everything being the color of dirt doesn't help at least make it so they glow or something to indicate were it is. The next problem is map locations -some serve no purpose. Another issue is balance-expansions add enemies that are too difficult early on to certain stages of the game-poor planning in general. A lot of the text and story is pointless as it never develops into anything. Overall Bethesda did an ok job but could have done a lot better over all.

In general the game is good but needs improvements-also the pointless items you can pick up and are not weapons items to use or quest items or crafting items -its ok to move them but don't make it so we put them in our inventory -its a waste of space and it makes it harder to get the items we do want to pick up. Also those dlcs add some more stuff to the radio broadcastes the same 20 songs get irritating after a while. Also don't keep giving us small guns will weak fire power i would find .32 guns when im using the the laser guns and other such weapons - all im saying is the loot you get should scale up a bit.

Overall the game was fun but fixing of the glitches and fixing some of the story so it doesn't violate chekhov's gun so often-or at least do something with the story line the outcasts had one dlc that members of the outcasts were involved in but the main camp of them did nothing.

Also if you really want it get the pc version of the game of the year edition -cheaper and you get everything -which i have to say is the other problem i had with this to start the dlc is overpriced for what it does.

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