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MassEffect 3

This DLC is great.New weapons,enemies,and a lot more.But...too short.


Editors' Choice
Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:
"Too short"


Breakdown:This DLC is nice but I advise you to get the Broken Steel and Point Lookout DLC Pack.Broken Steel would be perfect but it falls from lack of action.When I say this I mean it should have been longer.

Gameplay:The new enemies like the Hellfire units and the Feral Ghoul Reavers are tough.Hellfire Troopers can take a beating and can give one.Regular units are not that tough but the ones with the Heavy Incinerators are durable.They will strike you repeatedly with the Heavy Incinerators(a flame thrower that shoots fire balls kinda like a mix between a mortar and a grenade launcher)that will hurt pretty badly and burn you for a while.The Reaver(a ghoul with what looks like a toilet seat around his neck)is probably even more terrifying.It can move fast like a Deathclaw(or maybe even faster!)and take a load of a beating at first.It's explosive gore attack acts as a powerful range attack while his fast movements leads him close enough to repeatedly scratch you.The level cap is raised to 30 so this gives you a reason to fight even harder.Of course since their are more levels to obtain their are more perks.Most perks seem useless or not very helpful so this allows you to stock up on the perks you probably wanted but could not get.

Pros:-New Weapons
-New Enemies
-New Perks
-Higher level cap
-Most importantly,more time with Fallout 3
Cons-Story is short-I think I would have been more satisfied with at least to more objectives and threw in a few more weapons so the action would not get repetitive.

Hints:Hellfire Troopers-Attack these guys with V.A.T.S. because these guys will unload on you.Go a bit around a corner so they can not hit you.
-Feral Ghoul Reavers-Same tactic you would use for a Deathclaw.Hit these guys with the Dart Gun to slow them down.This will leave it as target practice.Do not fear its Explosive Gore attack.It will probably do this if you approach it from a distance.

The extra missions aren't that great, but the other content makes this DLC worth playing.




Fallout 3 was an amazing game, until you reached the end of it and you maxed out your character. If you have been sitting in front of your TV for a while waiting for a patch/DLC to fix those problems, then you are in luck. Broken Steel allows you to pick up were Fallout 3 left off and continue to explore the wasteland, while raising your level cap to 30 and giving you a few more missions. But there are problems with this DLC.

If you remember the ending of Fallout 3, when you have to purify the water for the wasteland but you have to sacrifice yourself or someone else to do it, well now you get to see what happens after that. You wake up awhile later, only to join in a mission with the Brotherhood of Steel to takedown the Enclave once and for all. You go on a few missions destroying bases and etc trying to
destroy the Enclave once and for all.

The game play is pretty much the same, and so are the levels. Unlike the first two expansions, Broken Steel does not add a new land to Fallout 3; it just adds a few new map markers to the old world. The result is more of the same, and in my opinion that is a bit of a bad thing. Being forced to explore abandoned train station was not something I missed. I was bored to death playing this DLC. The very beginning and the very end scenes are pretty cool, but the whole middle of the DLC is just not that good.

You do get some new guns like a tesla cannon and a new flamer, which are pretty cool weapons.

With the ability to continue your game after the ending to the original and the raised level cap, I give Broken Steel a 7.5, but if it didn't have all that stuff, then I would give it a 6.0. If you are a fan of Fallout 3, then this is a must buy, if you are not, pass.

There's nothing broken about this DLC for Fallout 3! A perfect addition to the game.


Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Highly addictive"


Opinion: It was my first time playing any of the fallout game and I was totally blown away. So you could imagine how I felt when the game just ended. What the ... so what do I do know. Oh yeah, DLCs. But what DLC to pick?

What DLC to pick: I picked broken steel to play first because it was the best DLC that flowed with the original game's conclusion better than any of the other DLCs. It picks up from the ending perfectly and brings a conclusion to the story with the Enclave.

I suggest playing this DLC first before any other. All the others are just added fluff while this story is a perfect continuation.

Overall: I gave this DLC a 8.0 which is about a B. It has good action, a satisfying story line, and and open ending where you can just run around and be the master of the D.C. area!

This game is addictive and with the spread of achievements a very long playing game to master them all.


Just Right
Time Spent:
40 to 100 Hours
The Bottom Line:


My thoughts on this game are many and few. One of those thoughts is that it is easy at first glance, getting more difficult as you attempt the various levels of challenge. Winning is not difficult if you are going for what they call a cultural victory, but more advance if you wish to win as an economic victory, technological victories being the mid range of challenge.

I enjoyed this game for many reasons, some of which were merely the amount of characters from history that could be chosen, and the leaders chosen to represent the various cultures. You lead your people from the stone age, into the industrial age, modern era, and much much more.

The graphics are good and standard to the civilization series, not deviating much in either direction. The moves and transitions from the city mode to actual unit mode are not slow at all. When playing there is no load time and the controls are simple and easy to master.

This game is all about relaxing, taking your time, and letting whatever be that will be. For your first time around build wonders, and advance in technology as fast and as much as you can. Then build a united nations and rule them all.

Overall this game was fun, something worse spending the money on, a great way to get a ton of achievements with minimal time.

Stick with desktop.


Time Spent:
100 or More Hours
The Bottom Line:


I loved the Civ series on my desktop. When i heard that there is one for my iphone, i jumped at the chance! Much to my displeasure, it wasn't up to my expectation. I brought it when it first came out in 09 (yes a little bit late for the review i know), and the first few hours had me hooked... until it gets boring for me. The game became too easy. And often i find myself playing the game with the sound off. The character speaking gets annoying. The leaders of other civilizations speaks gibberish annoyingly, hence i play the game without sound. Too bad it doesn't allow you to play your ipod or pandora in the background while with this game on.

the graphics for iphone... well what do you expect? it's for a mobile device, do not expect something out of the world. It looks and felt very... GBish...

Controls are pretty easy to get used to, but you will find yourself spending at least 5 hours before you get a hold of the controls.

And the game crashes every now and then which becomes annoying. overall i think it's a pretty ambitious idea for iphone, well put together, but there are some missing clinks to make this game a better one.

Overall, i thought it was a waste of cash, i shouldn't had jump so blindingly into this game. Try the free version first before you buy.

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