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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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8.0 MadWorld [WII]
Lots of blood and gore in this comic book inspired hack n slash/beat em up game.
9.0 MLB 09: The Show [PS3]
This game so fun and joyable, sometimes I feel that I want to lick it!
7.5 Moon [DS]
Another good shooter from Renegade Kid. It's good fun, but it's not revolutionary for the DS.
10 Mirror's Edge [PC]
one of the best game ever made till date . . .
3.0 Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars [WII]
Fun to look at and has an interesting soundtrack, but will bore you to sleep with shallow, Wii-typical game play.
7.0 Metal Slug 7 [DS]
Its a fun game to have on the DS but it is really short.
7.5 Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe [PS3]
MK vs DC can be a fun time, but the lack of gore and unlockable kontent make for a game that shys from greatness.
5.5 Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe [X360]
Slap in lame comic characters, make them fight with Kombatants and strip everything good. That is MKvsDCU in a nutshell.
8.5 Mirror's Edge [X360]
When it works, Mirror's Edge is an experience unlike any other game and an absolute thrill.
9.0 Mirror's Edge [PS3]
Mirrors Edge
6.0 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa [PS3]
Good for a weekend rent for some easy achievements.
5.0 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa [WII]
A good time killer with plenty of flaws while still surprisingly fun.
7.0 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa [X360]
This follow up from Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is not the evolution you've been waiting for.
10 MotoGP 08 [X360]
The best game ive ever played!
6.0 MySims Kingdom [WII]
6.5 MotoGP 08 [PS3]
A good ride, poorly presented
7.5 MotoGP 08 [PC]
Gets the racing aspect of the game right but the boring presentation knocks a few points off.
7.0 MotorStorm: Pacific Rift [PS3]
Tripping the rift.
8.0 Midnight Club: Los Angeles [X360]
Fun! Great, accurate renditions and locales of Los Angeles. I can see my work and apartment building!
7.0 Midnight Club: Los Angeles [PS3]
If you like dodging oncoming traffic, this is your game.
8.0 Midnight Club: LA Remix [PSP]
This games a cool midnight club game. it has cool cars,cool tracks,nice vinyls and awesome graphics(at least for a psp).
8.0 Mega Man 9 [X360]
The series' endearing gameplay, retro graphics, and a fun soundtrack make Mega Man 9 a great blast from the past.
8.5 Mega Man 9 [PS3]
Mega Man 9 returns the Blue Bomber to his 8 bit glory with incredibly hard levels and great simple fun
9.0 Mega Man 9 [WII]
The Blue Bomber is back for the 9th time, and this is possibly his best game yet.
6.0 Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest [PC]
A game with good concepts, but seriously flawed execution.

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