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Battlefield 3

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10 DC Universe Online [PS3]
Fun, addictive game but it comes with a price..
9.0 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [PC]
One of the game that will lives in my heart forever<br />
9.0 The Sims 3 [PC]
just great
8.0 Battlefield 3 [X360]
Great multiplayer but inexistant singleplayer.
9.0 Pokemon Black Version [DS]
"Pokemon Black and White will be one of the most unforgettable experiences a Pokemon fan will ever have."
6.0 Fallout: New Vegas [X360]
Starts off slow but it gets better
8.5 Gran Turismo 5 [PS3]
to hard
10 Team Fortress 2 [PC]
Team Fortress 2 is the most balanced,fun and innovative multiplayer FPS game ever made.
9.0 Mass Effect 2 [X360]
You are a man on a mission...But before this mission can start your going to have to take a huge trip and fall...
9.5 Dragon Age: Origins [PC]
One of the best RPGs ever!
10 The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings [PC]
This game.... This Game.... you don't know.... You don't know....<br /> <br /> This Game is.... is Difficult to Descri...
9.5 Super Smash Bros. Melee [GC]
An unforgettable classic that has truly stood as one of the best party games the Gamecube had to offer.
10 Fallout 3 [X360]
Put On Your Pip-Boy On And Hit The Wasteland. Spoiler-Free.
9.5 FIFA Soccer 12 [X360]
Amazing game! Only couple of minor things i see that may need improving.
9.0 Batman: Arkham City [PS3]
Batman: Arkham City is a near perfect combination of heroic storytelling, good graphics and flawless gameplay.
9.5 Saints Row: The Third [PC]
If you want to live in a game, other than the MMOs, this is the place you should be.
9.0 Xenoblade Chronicles [WII]
Xenoblade is a brilliant RPG that is very well developed.
10 Grand Theft Auto IV [PS3]
This game is so perfect that covers it's bad graphics with its immersive gameplay!
9.5 Deus Ex: Human Revolution [PS3]
This game was fantastic...great story, great characters, great gameplay
6.0 Batman: Arkham City [PC]
Good game overall for those interested in batman, bad for those of us who don't understand his true meaning.
9.0 Fallout 3 [PC]
Besides random freezes and bugs, Fallout 3 is an amazing game that any RPG that loves an open world should play.
7.5 Assassin's Creed: Revelations [X360]
Assassins creed is back with its next Installment, but it fails to improve the series.
10 Red Dead Redemption [X360]
Perfect 10 right, partners
6.5 Grand Theft Auto IV [X360]
8.5 Dragon Age: Origins [X360]
BioWare's signature RPG formula is on full display, and while the approach is very straightforward, it's very rewarding.

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