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MassEffect 3

Score Player Review
8.0 Borderlands [PS3]
Good game !
8.5 Rift [PC]
A great MMO that stands with the best of the genre
10 Trine 2 [X360]
This is my review apon Trine 2.
9.5 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind [PC]
Morrowind is a fantastic, sprawling game with hundreds of quests, and a storyline that reels you in, not letting go.
9.5 Diablo [PC]
The best game for the PC.
9.0 Darksiders [PC]
9.0 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne [PC]
With its improvements and greater editing tools, Frozen Throne is more than what the original was and should have been.
9.0 Dead Space 2 [PS3]
Multiplayer aside, Dead Space 2 provides the atmosphere, tension and thrills that AAA action titles rarely deliver.
9.0 Killzone 3 [PS3]
An astonishing (albeit unoriginal) first-person shooter, a great sequel and one of the finest PS Move compatible titles.
9.0 Left 4 Dead 2 [PC]
If your looking for a game with maximum gore,violence,great online features and amazing gameplay then this is your game.
10 FIFA Soccer 12 [PS3]
FIFA 12 - best game!
9.5 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary [X360]
343's goal was never to make an amazing game better, but to honor what shouldn't be tampered with.
8.0 Plants vs. Zombies [PC]
Who needs guns in a zombie apocalypse when you got PLANTS!
10 Guild Wars [PC]
Guild Wars is not a true MMO in its purest sense, however it's a game built for the player in mind.
1.0 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure [X360]
Not spyro that I loved :(
1.0 Fractal: Make Blooms Not War [PC]
Not spyro that I loved :(
9.0 inFamous 2 [PS3]
if you played the first one, you definitely want the sequel
7.0 Star Ocean: The Last Hope [X360]
A fun battle system makes the game worthwhile, but that's about all it has.
8.5 Final Fantasy VIII [PS]
Gamer since 1981 trust my reviews
10 Project IGI: I'm Going In [PC]
Very well Designed !
6.5 Spore [PC]
Evolution seems so simple...
9.0 Company of Heroes [PC]
After ten minutes of playing you'll wish for a rifle to shoot at those Nazi and Allies. Trust me.
8.0 Gears of War 2 [X360]
The next gears of war in the Gears saga
8.0 Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition [AND]
The next gears of war in the Gears saga
9.5 Gran Turismo 4 [PS2]
One of the Most Fantastic Driving Models on the PS2

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