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Battlefield 3

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1.0 Elefunk [PS3]
I just wasted $5 on a game that's impossible to launch.
7.5 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 [PS3]
There is no incentive to continue and play for long. It's all about multiplayer.
8.0 Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Two [PS3]
Gabe & Tycho hit the ground running in this funny though bizarre follow up.
9.5 Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned [PS3]
Great zombies DLC with a great story. You've never killed so many zombies with so many different weapons.
8.5 Mega Man 10 [PS3]
A nice addition to the original Mega Man series.
8.5 Uncharted 2: Siege Expansion Pack [PS3]
A nice addition to the original Mega Man series.
9.0 Rocket Knight [PS3]
After a long wait, fans of Sparkster the Opossum are treated to a second sequel.
8.5 Planet Minigolf [PS3]
Something came under the radar, and it exceptional good
9.0 Tetris [PS3]
So simple yet so fun!
5.5 Dead Space 2: Severed [PS3]
Premature infatuation... can you feel ripped off at $6.99??
6.8 Lemmings [PS3]
Decent game but definately no comparison to Football Manager...
8.5 Mortal Kombat II [PS3]
Holy cow. This game is hard. Like, really hard.
9.5 PixelJunk Eden [PS3]
A great platformer to play alone or with others!
8.0 NFL Head Coach 09 [PS3]
Madden franchise mode on steroids
8.5 Mega Man 9 [PS3]
Mega Man 9 returns the Blue Bomber to his 8 bit glory with incredibly hard levels and great simple fun
8.5 Lumines Supernova [PS3]
Supernova improves on a solid formula in a number of ways, even as it takes a few small steps back.
7.5 Crash Commando [PS3]
Vintage video gaming with classic multiplayer elements and the modern day polish and presentation expected of the HD gen
8.5 Band Hero [PS3]
I actually Enjoyed this game almost as much as Guitar hero World Tour.
7.5 Acceleration of Suguri X Edition [PS3]
Acceleration of Suguri X Edition is a great game if your looking for somthing new and cheap on the PSN network.
7.5 Hard Corps: Uprising [PS3]
Any fan of Sega's Contra Hard Corps will instantly buy the Uprising. It's been long since Konami has offered scroll styl
10 Cars 2: The Video Game [PS3]
Addicting Nintendo 64 football game: NFL BLITZ
9.5 James Bond 007: Blood Stone [PS3]
Just made me feel like a bond !!!
7.0 Ridge Racer 7 [PS3]
I got this game with high hopes but it's still good.
5.5 Need for Speed: Shift [PS3]
Overall, Shift is just not a good racing game because the races are very frustrating to play.
7.0 MotorStorm: Pacific Rift [PS3]
Tripping the rift.

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