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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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7.5 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [PS3]
Good game if you feel like starting a game that wont take so long to complete and is also entertaining.
10 BioShock [PS3]
I didn't think it would be as good as it is. But it's a great game. Hard enough to be challenging, but so immersive.
9.5 Braid [PS3]
A deep, mature, and intriguing story imbued with beautiful art and a fantastic score make Braid a worthwhile experience.
3.0 Warhawk [PS3]
Unbalanced & completely overrated, but not without a certain appeal.
6.0 NHL 11 [PS3]
Compounding issues have eroded a once proud series.
9.0 MotorStorm: Apocalypse [PS3]
Brilliant game. Story mode too short though, good graphics, good difficulty. 9 out of 10.
5.0 Madden NFL 11 [PS3]
Madden 10 was better... Before some major patch-work -_-
7.0 NBA Jam: On Fire Edition [PS3]
It's fun, it's what you expect and know from the franchise, but burns out fast, 3 pointers all day gets old
8.5 Record of Agarest War [PS3]
Dating SIM , JRPG , Tactics and Fan Service in one box , what more can you ask for?
7.5 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm [PS3]
Take or leave the dull village missions, the stunning visuals and fast paced combat more than make up for it.
9.0 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift [PS3]
Blazblue is a great fighter and the successor to Guilty Gear and this is a new installment with great fighting.
7.0 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West [PS3]
Lousy game design and controls
8.5 ModNation Racers [PS3]
Modnation Racers takes the Mario Kart Formula and makes it a million times better, but on the PS3.
7.0 Sports Champions [PS3]
Hey, i'm back to review Sports Champions hope you enjoy.
7.5 Dungeon Hunter: Alliance [PS3]
Downloaded it and couldn't stop playing it.
9.5 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record [PS3]
The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.
8.0 Bulletstorm [PS3]
A new version to all bullet firing games.
8.0 Toy Story 3 [PS3]
Keeps The Standard High
9.0 Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City [PS3]
Not just a collection of DLC. Both games in this compilation are arguably just as good as the original.
8.0 Crysis [PS3]
After many years of waiting, console gamers can play Crysis. It's worth the time and money, but it's not revolutionary.
7.5 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack [PS3]
RED was better! This is scarier
8.5 WWE All Stars [PS3]
Fun game to just kick back and play.
8.5 NCAA Football 12 [PS3]
Good Butt Not GREAT.....
6.0 Sacred 2: Fallen Angel [PS3]
beautiful, but mechanically frustrating.
9.5 Brutal Legend [PS3]
Brutal legend is by far my favourite game.<br /> I love that Schafer stuck with the whole metal theme. This game just p...

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