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MassEffect 3

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9.0 Castle Crashers [PS3]
Addictive arcade style game with RPG elements. It's fun once you get used to it.
8.0 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions [PS3]
It trades in the popular free roamin format for a linear adventure across time & space. It does a good job at it too
8.5 Condemned 2: Bloodshot [PS3]
An unforgettable assault of what scares you. Even the most hardcore horror film fan will appreciate its ugliness.
8.0 Sideway: New York [PS3]
Sideway is a unique, creative take on the platforming genre while managing to still feel familiar.
8.5 Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction [PS3]
Excellent platformer and shooter with a lot of content variety
6.5 Stranglehold [PS3]
Stranglehold can be fun because of the destructible environments, but it gets old quick.
7.0 Rock Band [PS3]
rock bad is great game if you have friends with you but so dull alone. RB and get old really fast.
9.0 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows [PS3]
7.5 Renegade Ops [PS3]
A well made top down twin stick shooter that offers plenty of explosive fun
7.5 Unreal Tournament III [PS3]
Forgettable campaign that serves as a tutorial and solid online gameplay, too bad hardly anyone is still playing.
7.5 flower [PS3]
A new type of game that seems to be... good? Let's find out together by looking inside the review!
8.0 Ghostbusters: The Video Game [PS3]
They wanted Huey Lewis to do the theme (or so Ive heard, might be a wives tale?).
9.0 Fight Night Round 4 [PS3]
Awesome graphics and heavy hits
9.0 Guitar Hero 5 [PS3]
one of the best track lists,, and a nice multiplayer mode.. like the new party play mode. one of the best in the series
7.5 3D Dot Game Heroes [PS3]
You get a chance to relive the Legend of Zelda except......
6.0 R.U.S.E. [PS3]
On the hole a good game but just missing things in places not all what it should be compared to other leading RTS
8.0 DeathSpank [PS3]
An epic adventure lined with blood and steel and bacon!
8.5 Battlefield 1943 [PS3]
Surprisingly Addictive
8.0 DiRT 2 [PS3]
A roller-coaster ride of heated action and excitement, Dirt 2 firmly sets the standard for offroad racing games.
7.0 IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey [PS3]
Game is somewhat interesting but is a little repetitive
8.5 NBA 2K10 [PS3]
Dispite the bugs, A great b-ball simulation
9.5 Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition [PS3]
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike is possibly the most technical in the series and the best Street Fighter around.
8.5 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [PS3]
Do not buy unless you have a friend to play co-op with
9.0 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway [PS3]
the Brothers in Arms story is successfully brought to the next generation of gaming.
8.5 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 [PS3]
While not the best in the series, Red Alert 3 is an excellent RTS for the PS3.

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