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Perfect Dark Preview


When Perfect Dark, Rare's follow-up to the first-person shooter GoldenEye 007, was pushed out of 1999 and back to April 2000, many people found themselves without a worthwhile N64 game to play. Others became skeptical, thinking that when the game finally does ship, it won't be worth playing anyway. While the game isn't finished yet, and there are still some changes to be implemented, after playing the most recent version of the game, we think it looks like the wait will definitely be worth it. The game engine is not an enhanced version of the GoldenEye engine, says Nintendo's Ken Lobb "Basically, Rare was like, 'Well, we know what we like about the GoldenEye engine, let's throw everything else away.' They didn't like very much."

Perfect Dark's options really make it stand out. Not only is there a complete single-player game, with three difficulty levels (which have been changed a bit over GoldenEye's difficulty, making the easy level a bit easier and the hardest harder), but there is also a two-player cooperative mode that packs more enemies into the levels. The second player plays as Joanna Dark's sister, a blonde girl who hasn't been given a name yet. To go along with the co-op mode is a counter-operative mode. In this mode, the first player goes through the single-player game as normal, while the second player jumps into the body of one of the level's enemies. While you may be a bit smarter than the AI enemies in this mode, you'll still die as easily as the AI enemies. When you die as the enemy player, you can hit start and take over the body of another bad guy. Your mission as the counteroperative is to block Joanna's path by any means necessary. You can push furniture around and block doors, as well as slap the other guards, which causes them to take off in search of Joanna. The game features a lot of cutscenes, and in an interesting twist, you can skip the cutscenes and start the level while the cutscene is still occurring. This gives you a bit of control over things like where enemies are when you start the level. The enemy AI will pull off some interesting tricks. For instance, shooting out the lights in a room caused a room full of bad guys to run from the dark room into a nearby office, where they took cover and waited for us to enter the room. The storyline, told through cutscenes and in-mission radio traffic, starts out as your typical spy thriller, but after a few run-of-the-mill missions you'll find yourself dealing with alien autopsies, presidential clones, and a full-scale invasion of your home base, the Carrington Institute. Your campaign against the evil corporation, dataDyne, will eventually explode into a huge conflict between two alien races, the Maians and the Skedar. Many of the gripes about GoldenEye's multiplayer mode have been worked on, including the ability to walk off ledges and select your own weapon combinations when setting up a level. Of all the great features that PD's multiplayer mode has to offer, the best is the weapons. If people are going to talk PD, you'll most definitely hear them discuss the overwhelming number of weapons at their disposal. From standard Magnum revolvers to megamodded alien weaponry, PD offers more than enough unique weapons. One of the coolest weapons has to be the FarSight, which allows you to look through walls, home in on your enemy's heat signature, and kill him with one railgun-like shot. While this may sound like an incredibly unbalanced weapon, since you can reach out and kill someone no matter where they're hiding, it's been balanced by making the weapon move very slowly, so it's hard to actually get off a clean shot against a moving target. Most of the game's pistols can be doubled up, allowing you to run around with machine pistols akimbo.

Posted on Jun 03, 1998



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