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Tumblebugs Review

"Tumble Bugs might be a Zuma clone, but it's still a great game."

Tumble Bugs is a great puzzle game, but if you've played more than your fair share, you'll instantly realize that it's a clone of the popular game Zuma. In case you haven't played Zuma, your task here is to match three or more like-colored balls disguised as bugs. The challenge is that more and more bugs are piled on and pushed forward along a snaking path. While it's easy enough to click away without thinking too much, the fun lies in racking up huge combos worth tons of points. Tumble Bugs might be a clone, but it's a solid game with a ton of levels and a cute story to keep you entertained between levels.

The Good

  • One of the best puzzle mechanics ever  
  • Easy and fun  
  • Cute presentation good for all ages.

The Bad

  • Too similar to Zuma.

Posted on Aug 25, 2005


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