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Inspector Parker Review

"Inspector Parker's logic puzzle will have you stuck in front of your computer for hours at a time."

Inspector Parker is a logic puzzle that asks you to use a series of clues to figure out which rooms in a house contain a variety of items and people. Items or people that a room could potentially contain are shown in each room, which is presented as a large onscreen matrix. Clues point you to the placement of certain items, but you're pointed in a very indirect way because most clues only tell you about the relationship between two objects. So a clue will tell you that the knife is directly above the room that contains the axe. But since you don't know exactly where the axe is yet, you can only narrow it down. As you narrow down all of your clues, you eventually start getting down to business and figuring out, by process of elimination, where each piece must be.

The game has a sort of story mode that has you working through puzzles of increasing complexity, but there's also a mode that lets you choose the difficulty and go on from there. The more difficult levels give you larger houses and more confusing clues to work with. The larger houses essentially force you to play in full-screen mode, as the various icons for each room get a bit too small when you're playing in a fixed-size window. The interface is easy to understand, and the logic puzzles are fun to decipher. Ultimately, this is a nice-looking and extremely addictive game that puzzle fans should have a great time with.

The Good

  • Easy-to-use interface  
  • Extremely addictive.

The Bad

  • Icons get a little too small to play in a window all the time.

Posted on Aug 25, 2005


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