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Title Platform Date
Arcade Style Sports Games Discussion – NFL Blitz and
Tom Mc Shea and Marko Djordjevic talk about the progression of arcade-style sports games, both good and bad, in this video feature.
X360 19 Jan 2012
Abobo's Big Adventure - Extended Demo
Carolyn throws Giancarlo and Tom Mc Shea into the OTS studio for this extended look at some of the retro levels in Abobo's Big Adventure.
NES 18 Jan 2012
A New Kind of War - Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai
Industrialisation is about to change both war and the face of Japan forever. Where will you make your stand?
PC 16 Jan 2012
Assassin's Creed Dubstep Party
Ezio goes out for a night on the town, and things get a bit messy. Warning: contains flashing images.
X360 16 Jan 2012
Apocalypse Wow! What Games Taught Us About the End of t
Zombies? Nuclear holocaust? The Rapture? No matter how the world ends, video games have the tips to ensure you survive.
X360 09 Jan 2012
A Year in the Life of a Gamer
A visual journey through 2011 through the eyes of a gamer.
PS3 28 Dec 2011
Anno 2070 Video Review
Watch Kevin build a new future for humanity in this review for Anno 2070.
PC 20 Dec 2011
Alodia Cosplay Queen Interview
GameSpot Asia's Jonathan Toyad speaks with Southeast Asia's most popular professional video game cosplayer and UNO Magazine's Most Influential Woman in the Philippines about how she ..
PS 06 Dec 2011
Arkham City Skins Pack - Batman: Arkham City DLC Traile
The Batman: Arkham City Skins Pack with seven skins is available now!
X360 06 Dec 2011
Alien Chase - Aliens: Infestation Gameplay
There's one determined alien to kill in this Aliens: Infestation gameplay movie.
DS 17 Nov 2011
A History of a Franchise - Shinobi Behind-the-Scenes Vi
To celebrate the 3DS launch of Shinobi, members of the SEGA team discuss the history of the Shinobi franchise and how it helped create the 3DS title.
3DS 16 Nov 2011
Anime Festival Asia 2011 - Video Game Cosplay
GameSpot Asia's Jonathan Toyad scopes out all the serious video game cosplay at Singapore's Anime Festival Asia 2011!
PS3 14 Nov 2011
A Bluffer's Guide to The Elder Scrolls
Everything you ever wanted to know about The Elder Scrolls is in one handy video. Presented by Danny O'Dwyer.
PC 07 Nov 2011
Appetite for Distraction - Is It Better Than Snake?
Nokia's made the switch to Windows Phone with the Lumia 800. But are the games better than Snake? We rounded up five of the best Windows Phone mobile games to find out.
X360 06 Nov 2011
A Bluffer's Guide to Football Games
We have everything you ever wanted to know about football (alright, soccer) games in one handy video.
X360 28 Sep 2011
A Bluffer's Guide to Gears of War
Everything you ever wanted to know about Gears of War in one handy video. Warning, contains spoilers! Presented by Danny O'Dwyer.
X360 14 Sep 2011
Appetite for Distraction - Top Three Apps, Food Apps, S
It's a food special this week as we round up the latest in culinary games, bring you the pick of iOS and Android apps, and make Seb eat a sandwich.
PC 11 Sep 2011
Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia - The Making Video
Check out the making of the Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia in this video.
X360 31 Aug 2011
A Bluffer's Guide To Zombie Games
Everything you ever wanted to know about zombie games in one handy video. Presented by Danny O'Dwyer.
PS3 30 Aug 2011
Appetite for Distraction - Minecraft, NyxQuest HD, Wesl
This week, Mark and Danny bring you three of the best new apps, five of the greatest ported classics, and help Wesley Snipes pay back his tax bill.
IP 20 Aug 2011

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