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Star Wars Old Republic

Title Platform Date
GameSpot AU's Shippin' Out - Oct. 10, 2011
GameSpot AU community manager James Kozanecki tells you what's coming out in Australia in the week beginning October 10, 2011!
PS3 09 Oct 2011
GameSpot Plays FIFA 12 Demo
Guy and Danny take a look at the demo for FIFA 12, which has been baffling people with some radical changes to defending. Also, Wayne Rooney's hair plugs: have they made it to the final versio..
PS3 19 Sep 2011
GameSpot Sync - Giveaways and Special Announcements
Today Jody gives away some free stuff and has a special announcement to make.
PC 14 Sep 2011
GameSpot Sync - Syndicate, Max Payne, Dead Rising 2
Jody's got you synced with some news on the new Syndicate, mobile Max Payne, and more!
PC 12 Sep 2011
GameSpot Sync - Crysis, Red Orchestra 2, Resistance 3
We've got Crysis, Red Orchestra 2, Sound Bytes, and Resistance 3 today on Sync.
PC 09 Sep 2011
GameSpot Sync - Doom, PAX, Bastion, SFIII: Online Editi
Chris Watters syncs you up on the latest on Doom getting unbanned, record attendance at PAX, Bastion on the PC, SFIII: Online Edition, Baconing on review, and the Call of Duty XP experience!
PC 02 Sep 2011
GameSpot Sync - Quantum Conundrum, Sonic CD, TrackMania
Chris Watters brings you an EXCLUSIVELY themed Sync episode! Conundrums, homicides, and short shorts, let's Sync up!
PS3 25 Aug 2011
GameSpot Sync - Kanye West, Rezzurection, Portal Movie,
Sync up with Jody for the latest on Call of Duty XP, a live-action Portal movie, and Portal creator Kim Swift.
PC 24 Aug 2011
Gamescom 2011: World of Tanks - Official Trailer
Check out a Gamescom premiere trailer for World of Tanks.
PC 18 Aug 2011
Gamescom 2011: Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dime
Journey into the Heart of Doof where the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz resides with this new trailer for Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension.
WII 18 Aug 2011
GameSpot Sync - Gamescom Updates, Wii Redesign, Infamou
Jody gives you the skinny on the goings-on at Gamescom, the Infamous 2 DLC, and a chance to win tickets to the Call of Duty XP event in LA!
WII 18 Aug 2011
GameSpot Sync - Minecraft, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Saints
Jody syncs you up with Minecraft news, Zelda: Skyward Sword, El Shaddai, Saints Row: The Third, and more.
X360 17 Aug 2011
GameSpot Sync - The Secret World, Warhammer 40K, Epic G
Jody syncs you up on the happenings at Gamescom, a new GameSpot Community video, and a Bastion code giveaway!
X360 16 Aug 2011
GameSpot Sync - Rockstar's Agent, Mortal Kombat, T
Jody gives you some up-to-date info on Rockstar's new project "Agent," skyrocketing Mortal Kombat sales, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, and more.
PS3 15 Aug 2011
GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - E.Y.E.: Divine Cyberma
Kevin VanOrd and Tom Mc Shea take you on a cyber trip through E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy.
PC 15 Aug 2011
GameSpot Sync - Age of Conan F2P, Gotham City Imposters
Jody takes center court to update you on Grand Slam Tennis 2, Age of Conan F2P, an exclusive Gotham City Imposters trailer, and more!
PC 11 Aug 2011
Galaga Legions DX - Gameplay Trailer
Check out more gameplay action from Galaga Legions DX.
X360 11 Aug 2011
GameSpot Sync - Steam Swapping, Lonely Road Delay, The
Jody syncs you up on the latest news for Fallout: New Vegas - Lonely Road, Steam trading, The HotSpot, and more!
PC 10 Aug 2011
Galaga Legions DX Gameplay Movie - Area 1, Level 1 and
Defeat at least seven waves in each level in under a minute in this Galaga Legions DX gameplay clip.
PS3 10 Aug 2011
GameSpot Sync - Team Bondi, Gamefly Digital, League of
Jody syncs you up on Team Bondi, a Secret World exclusive, League of Legends: Dominion, and Gamefly's grand digital plan!
PS3 09 Aug 2011

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