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Batman Arkham City

Title Platform Date
Immersive Motion Accessory System - CES 2012
Maxwell checks out the Immersive Motion Accessory System from AikenLabs at CES 2012.
X360 13 Jan 2012
It Came From CES!
We seek out the weirdest, wildest, and woolliest technology to grace the halls of CES 2012. IT CAME FROM CES!!
IP 13 Jan 2012
Infinity Blade II Accolades Trailer
Chair shares the accolades it has received for its hit iOS hack-and-slash mobile game Infinity Blade II.
IP 22 Dec 2011
Instant Adventure - Rift Developer Diary
The developers of Rift take you through the new Instant Adventure system that lets players drop into group quests.
PC 08 Dec 2011
Infinity Blade II Top Tips
Infinity Blade II has hit the App Store to great critical acclaim, but are you getting the most out of it? Mark Walton brings you five things you need to know to succeed.
IP 05 Dec 2011
Iron Brigade: Women Come From Venus, Men Go to Mars
Double Fine's Brad Muir talks about survival mode, origins of the bear, and many other details about the Martian Bear DLC Pack.
X360 29 Nov 2011
In-Game Preview - To the Moon Gameplay Video
Check out a gameplay video preview of the recently released indie role-playing adventure game To the Moon.
PC 23 Nov 2011
Infamous: Festival of Blood - Baby Vamps and Pets Gamep
A player chases down newly minted vampires and vampire pets.
PS3 27 Oct 2011
Iron Brigade Rise of the Martian Bear Interview
The game formerly known as Trenched is getting a major update and some DLC on the way. We talk to Double Fine's Brad Muir to learn more.
X360 17 Oct 2011
id Software 20th Anniversary Video Feature
We talk to the founders of id Software to celebrate their 20th anniversary.
PC 12 Aug 2011
Interview With Greg Lopiccolo From Harmonix
We sit down with Greg Lopiccolo and discuss the past, present, and future of Harmonix.
X360 11 Mar 2011
Ivy the Kiwi? - Boulder Weapon Stage Gameplay Movie
A kiwi uses a boulder to smash birds and rocks.
WII 25 Aug 2010
Ivy the Kiwi? - Castle in the Clouds Gameplay Movie
A kiwi avoids dangerous raindrops.
WII 25 Aug 2010
Ivy the Kiwi? - High-Speed Bird and Vine Action Gamepla
A kiwi is catapulted at high speed through a level.
WII 25 Aug 2010
Interview: Nobuo Uematsu
GameSpot interviews Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and conductor Arnie Roth about their concert tour.
PS2 15 Jul 2010
iPhone 4 Gaming Video Feature
GameSpot UK's Guy Cocker and Mark Walton look at the gaming features of the new iPhone 4.
IP 03 Jul 2010
Interview: adhocParty hits US PSPs
Capcom describes the new PSP-to-PS3 online mode that is coming to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Gran Turismo PSP shortly.
PSP 18 Nov 2009
Interview With Microsoft's David McLean
Randolph Ramsay talks to Microsoft's David McLean about what Windows 7 offers gamers and his take on the Xbox 360's performance in the Australian market.
X360 08 Nov 2009
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Launch Trailer
Fly to victory in this awesome launch trailer for IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey!
PS3 28 Aug 2009
Ion Assault Official Trailer 1
Check out this awesome new trailer for Ion Assault.
X360 08 Jul 2009

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