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Battlefield 3

Title Platform Date
Knockout Mode - TNT Racers
It's elimination time as these racers compete to be the last car driving.
PS3 10 Jan 2012
Kinect Sesame Street TV
Use the Kinect to interact with your favorite Sesame Street characters in a whole new way!
X360 10 Jan 2012
Killing Floor Twisted Christmas Trailer
Killing Floor's Twisted Christmas Event will be available on Steam until January 4, 2012.
PC 09 Dec 2011
Kinect Trailer - Gunstringer
Check out some of the games you've been waiting for in this new Kinect trailer!
X360 29 Nov 2011
Kirby's Wii Adventure Launch Trailer
Kirby's back in a new multiplayer adventure.
WII 24 Nov 2011
Kirby's Return to Dreamland - Riding a Star Gamepl
Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede try to locate missing spaceship parts in a faraway land.
WII 24 Oct 2011
King Arthur: Fallen Champions - Walkthrough Video
Check out a walkthrough video for King Arthur: Fallen Champions.
PC 16 Sep 2011
Kirby Mass Attack - Teaser Trailer
Check out a teaser trailer for Kirby Mass Attack.
DS 11 Aug 2011
King Arthur: Fallen Champions - Gameplay Trailer
Check out a gameplay trailer for King Arthur: Fallen Champions.
PC 05 Aug 2011
Konami Comic-Con 2011
Homer checks out the Konami booth at Comic-Con 2011 in all of its glory.
PSP 23 Jul 2011
Kinect Sports - Table Tennis Video
Top-ranked table tennis players Kelly Sibley and Joanna Parker play Kinect Sports at Rough Trade in London.
X360 27 Jun 2011
Killing Floor - Summer Sideshow Event Trailer
The Summer Sideshow Event unleashes new achievements, a new DLC character pack, and another unlockable character: our old friend Mr. Foster "Steampunk'd."
PC 23 Jun 2011
Konami Pre-E3 2011 Press Conference
Check out Konami's pre-E3 2011 press conference!
PS 02 Jun 2011
Killing Floor: Twisted Christmas Event Trailer
Check out a trailer for Killing Floor's Twisted Christmas Event, available December 14 through January 4.
PC 09 Dec 2010
Kinect Adventures! Trailer
Check out this extended trailer explaining Kinect Adventures!
X360 24 Nov 2010
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Cinderella's Slip
A character stumbles into Cinderella's story.
PSP 07 Sep 2010
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Evil Witch Escapes Gam
A player tries to save the castle from an evil witch.
PSP 07 Sep 2010
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Leaving Stitch Behind
A player battles to save a ship.
PSP 07 Sep 2010
KozPlay Episode Three: Cosplay at the Tokyo Game Show
TGS isn't just about the games; join Koz as he speaks to some of the people at Cosplay Alley and finds out a bit about the person behind the costume.
PS2 16 Oct 2009
Katamari Forever Official Trailer 2
Check out a weird and wacky trailer for Katamari Forever!
PS3 21 Sep 2009

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