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Battlefield 3

Title Platform Date
Mega Man 2 Level - Abobo's Big Adventure
And we remember how hard Mega Man 2 was in this clip from Abobo's Big Adventure.
NES 19 Jan 2012
Microsoft 2012 Strategy - Interview
Jose Pinero talks about Microsoft leaving CES, the PC Kinect developers kit, Windows 8, Xbox 360 integration, and more.
X360 10 Jan 2012
Meet the Wizard - Trine 2 Gameplay
Meet the wizard, one of Trine 2's three heroes.
X360 23 Dec 2011
Modern Warfare 3: This Week in Call of Duty
This week in Call of Duty, Infinity Ward drops new DLC info, we give you a look at the latest from Elite TV, we tell you what Call of Duty: The Modern Warfare Legacy is, and we even look at MW3 VR.
X360 22 Dec 2011
Mr. Karate Combos - The King of Fighters XIII Gameplay
This gameplay video for The King of Fighters XIII shows off Mr. Karate's combos.
PS3 22 Dec 2011
Maple Lakes - Kinect Sports: Season Two DLC Trailer
Available December 20, the Maple Lakes Golf Pack presents "the back 9" with new challenges, achievements, and free content to double your fun on the green.
X360 14 Dec 2011
Mario - Just Dance 3 DLC Trailer
Mario shows off his moves in the Wii DLC Mario pack for Just Dance 3.
WII 13 Dec 2011
Might & Magic: Heroes VI Battle Gameplay Video
ThaiGingSeng takes on Wail of the Netherworld in this gameplay video for Might & Magic: Heroes VI on the PC.
PC 29 Nov 2011
Might & Magic: Heroes VI Exploration Gameplay Video
Anastasya does battle and explores a little in this gameplay video for Might & Magic: Heroes VI.
PC 29 Nov 2011
Might & Magic: Heroes VI Character Menu Gameplay Vi
We take a look at one of the hero's creatures in this gameplay video for Might & Magic: Heroes VI.
PC 29 Nov 2011
Monsters! - Tales of the Abyss Gameplay
Look out, there are monsters in this gameplay movie of Tales of the Abyss.
3DS 24 Nov 2011
MLG 2011 Stacraft 2 Champion Leenock
An exclusive with 16-year-old MLG 2011 Starcraft 2 champion Leenock right after his spectacular win in Providence.
PC 21 Nov 2011
MadCatz MLG Pro Circuit Controller
Hit the MadCatz booth at MLG 2011 in Providence and check out the custom configurable MLG Pro Circuit controller.
X360 20 Nov 2011
MLG 2011: Controller Pro Cast Reunion
Mrs Violence and Mr. X take us around the MLG Providence show floor looking for Controller cast mates.
X360 20 Nov 2011
MLG 2011 Providence Event: Day 2 Wrap-Up
Ryan stops by all the tournament brackets to get an update on who has been winning and losing at MLG 2011 Providence.
PC 19 Nov 2011
Missile Launch - GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Gameplay Video
Bond launches a missile at a pesky helicopter in the middle of a firefight in GoldenEye 007: Reloaded.
X360 01 Nov 2011
MLB 11: The Show - World Series Prediction Video
MLB 11: The Show predicts this year's World Series champ.
PS3 19 Oct 2011
Mercury Hg - Launch Trailer
Mercury Hg is now available for Xbox Live Arcade.
X360 19 Oct 2011
Mrs. Violence - Interview
We catch up with pro-gamer Kelly, aka Mrs. Violence.
X360 18 Oct 2011
Mojang vs. Bethesda
Johnny explains the recent legal battle between Mojang and Bethesda, while Danny eats a sandwich.
PC 17 Oct 2011

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