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Star Wars Old Republic

Title Platform Date
On the Spot - Dark Souls, Scarrygirl, Shank 2
Today we have demos of Scarygirl, Bus & Cable Car Sim: San Francisco, and some new Dark Souls action! We also bring you Digital Downloads, Shank 2, UFC 3, and much more!
PS3 19 Jan 2012
Outside and Castle - Dustforce Gameplay
Leaves and dust make the inhabitants of Dustforce angry!
PC 17 Jan 2012
On the Spot - Abobo's Big Adventure, Choplifter HD
Welcome to 2012! We'll have demos of Postal III, Choplifter HD, Abobo's Big Adventure, and Afterfall Insanity! We'll also have the news, CES coverage, trivia, and much more.
PC 12 Jan 2012
Oasis Race - TNT Racers
Check out some racing action on Oasis in TNT Racers.
PS3 10 Jan 2012
One Man War - Grand Theft Auto III Anniversary Edition
There's nothing quite like going on a rampage in GTA, eh? Watch as we blow up a police car with a shotgun.
AND 22 Dec 2011
OnLive App Announcement
Today, OnLive announced that its app is available for tablet and mobile devices.
PC 07 Dec 2011
Oil Tanker - Anno 2070 Gameplay Video
Try to get needed supplies to the wrecked oil tanker in this clip from Anno 2070.
PC 02 Dec 2011
On the Spot - Halloween Special
This week, On the Spot shows off some terrorizing demos of Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, creates look-alike costumes in Saint's Row: The Third, has a pumpkin-carving contest, and more!
PS3 31 Oct 2011
Orcs Must Die! - Artifacts of Power DLC Trailer
Two new weapons and two new traps are introduced in the first Orcs Must Die! DLC pack, Artifacts of Power.
PC 21 Oct 2011
On the Spot - Batman: Arkham City, Saint's Row the
We've got game demos of Batman: Arkham City, Saint's Row the Third, Stronghold 3, King of Fighters XIII, and more!
PC 20 Oct 2011
Okabu - Heroes Trailer
Here's a heroes trailer for Okabu.
PS3 18 Oct 2011
Okabu - Co-Op Trailer
Check out some Okabu co-op gameplay in this trailer.
PS3 18 Oct 2011
Orcs Must Die! - Coin Forge Gameplay Video
Drop the coin forge to collect more coins when orcs die on it in Orcs Must Die!
X360 11 Oct 2011
On The Spot - Crysis, Ace Combat, Orcs Must Die
On the Spot with demos of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Crysis, Orcs Must Die, and more!
PC 06 Oct 2011
On the Spot - Gears of War 3, Vessel, Crysis, Bit.Trip
We show off some Crysis on consoles, Kingdoms of Amalur, Gears of War 3 , indie game Vessel, Bit.Trip Saga on the DS, and more!
3DS 22 Sep 2011
On the Spot - Hard Reset, Renegade Ops, Combat Wings, F
Coming up next on On the Spot, we've got killer robots to shoot in our demo of Hard Reset, and then we unleash some mayhem in Renegade Ops. We also take to the skies in Combat Wings and chill ..
PC 18 Aug 2011
On the Spot - Fishing Resort, Street Cleaning Simulator
Today we check out Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, Fishing Resort and...Street Cleaning Simulator!
DS 04 Aug 2011
On the Spot - From Dust, They Bleed Pixels, Super Butto
Coming up next, On the Spot we have demos for From Dust and They Bleed Pixels. Also, we show some of the awesome Cosplay from Comic-Con 2011, play round one of Super Button Mashing, and more.
X360 29 Jul 2011
On the Spot - Killzone 3, Backbreaker Vengeance, Jamest
Coming up next on On the Spot, we've got demos of Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony, Killzone 3 DLC, Backbreaker Vengeance, and a lot more!
PS3 24 Jun 2011
Outland Video Review
Tom Mc Shea changes his spirit energy for this superb platformer in this video review for Outland.
PS3 22 Jun 2011

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