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Batman Arkham City

Title Platform Date
Super Start/Select - Resident Evil 6! Minecraft jungles
We end the week with news of Resident Evil 6 coming in November, jungle areas coming to Minecraft, and Johnny on his soapbox to ponder the shortage of new video game ideas.
X360 20 Jan 2012
SWTOR Datacron Guide – Tatooine: +3 Strength
If you survived the Jawa balloon ride for the Blue Matrix Shard, don’t miss out on a Strength +3 on the same abandoned Sand Crawler.
PC 19 Jan 2012
SWTOR Datacron Guide – Tatooine: Blue Matrix Shard
Get ready for a time sink, travel on a Jawa made balloon for 40 minutes to reach the Blue Matrix Datacron on Tatooine.
PC 19 Jan 2012
SWTOR Datacron Guide – Tatooine: Cunning +3 (Republic)
The Galactic Republic version of the Cunning +3 Datacron can be found in Anchorhead on Tatooine.
PC 19 Jan 2012
Start/Select - Next-gen Call of Duty, Resident Evil 6 t
Cam brings you today's dose of gaming news, including hints at a next-gen Call of Duty and a viral marketing campaign for Resident Evil 6.
X360 19 Jan 2012
Start/Select - Mortal Kombat Vita, Max Payne 3 delayed
Guy brings you today's dose of gaming news, including Mortal Kombat coming to the PlayStation Vita, Max Payne 3 delayed from March to May, and the possibility of playing World of Warcraft in F..
PC 18 Jan 2012
Start/Select - THQ lineup rumour, Team Fortress meets S
Seb takes a look at the rumours circling around THQ's 2014 lineup and checks out the sweet Team Fortress 2 masks heading to Saints Row: The Third.
X360 16 Jan 2012
Super Start/Select - SoulCalibur V, The Old Republic, U
On this week's episode of Super Start/Select, we make famous gaming characters in SoulCalibur V, address your apocalyptic feedback, and bring you news of the huge update for The Old Republic a..
PS3 13 Jan 2012
Sound Byte 2011 Year in Review
Tune your ears to our favorite video game soundtracks of last year.
PS3 11 Jan 2012
Start/Select - No PS4 at E3, 3D Snake Release Date
Cameron brings you a blast of gaming headlines, including news of no PS4 at E3 and release dates for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.
PS3 11 Jan 2012
Start/Select - Fallout settlement details, Netflix on V
Johnny brings you details of the Fallout settlement between Bethesda and Interplay, while Sony announces that Netflix is coming to the PS Vita. Also: murder!
X360 10 Jan 2012
Start/Select - Xbox Live Hacking, Diablo 3 Release Dram
Danny takes a look at the latest Xbox Live hacking news, investigates a possible Diablo 3 release date, and watches Macho Man Randy Savage burn a village down.
X360 09 Jan 2012
Super Start/Select - New Xbox and PS4 reveals rumoured
In this first Super Start/Select of the year, we find news of another X-COM title on the way, rumours of big console reveals at E3, and your handy survival guide for the 2012 apocalypse, distilled ..
X360 06 Jan 2012
Start/Select - Steam smashes own record! Old Republic d
Guy brings you news of Steam breaking its own record for concurrent users, the latest on Microsoft Flight, and a surprising glitch in The Old Republic.
PC 05 Jan 2012
Start/Select - Atari copycat culling, Crysis 2 'mo
Seb brings you news of Atari cracking down on classic game knockoffs and the pirate's picks of 2011.
X360 04 Jan 2012
Start/Select - Vita sales slump, Fallout legal battle o
Johnny brings you news of a massive Vita sales slump in Japan, plus a legal settlement to Bethesda and Interplay's Fallout dispute.
PC 03 Jan 2012
Single-Player Adventuring - Trine 2 Gameplay
More single-player adventuring in physics platform puzzler Trine 2.
X360 23 Dec 2011
Sylvan Puzzling - Trine 2 Gameplay
Some puzzles and combat in one of Trine 2's pretty forest levels.
X360 23 Dec 2011
Start/Select - SSX Delayed, Just Dance 3 is Popular
It's the last Start/Select of 2011, and in the absence of any real news, Mark goes off on one about SSX and Just Dance 3 for three minutes.
X360 22 Dec 2011
Super Start/Select - Trailers of 2011, Zynga makes $1bn
Seb and Guy host the FINAL Super Start/Select of 2011, including news of Zynga becoming more valuable than EA, your feedback on Dead Rising 3, and our pick of the best trailers of the year.
X360 16 Dec 2011

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